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Managing meeting participants in RingCentral Rooms

Last updated on November 24, 2021
As the host, you can manage the participants who are in your meeting. If you are not the host of the meeting, you have limited functions for managing participants.

Managing meeting participants

To manage participants, tap Participants, and the Participants window will appear. The following buttons are available at the bottom of the Participants window to manage all meeting participants. 
  • Mute all: Mute all participants.
  • Unmute all: Unmute all participants.
  • Show All Participants: Show all meeting participants, including non-video participants.
  • More: View more options. 
    • Mute all and disable muting: Mute all participants and don’t allow them to mute themselves.
    • Lock meeting: Lock or unlock the meeting. When the meeting is locked, new participants are unable to join the meeting.
    • Allow screen-sharing: Allow everyone to share their screen or limit it to just hosts and moderators.
    • Control Video: Enable video of all participants. You can also disable and allow participants to enable their video or disable their video completely.
You can also manage each participant in the meeting individually. Just tap on a participant to manage. 
  • Video: Request the participant turn on their camera. If the camera is on, you can tap this button to turn it off.
  • Mic: Request the participant turn on their microphone. If the microphone is on, you can tap this button to turn it off. 
  • More: View more options. 
    • Remove participant from the meeting: Remove the participant. You can still re-invite the participant when needed.
Manage participants
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