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Agent scripting knowledge base overview

The agent scripting knowledge base is a collection of preconfigured text selections (or ‘canned responses’) that can be inserted into agent scripts for easy retrieval during a call or SMS/chat. It can be useful in a variety of circumstances and industries, especially those with specific compliance and communication requirements.   
You can set up knowledge base groups in the admin interface (via the Knowledge Base tray setting under Agent Tools) that can then be inserted into the scripts of your choice via the Knowledge Base Page element.
The knowledge base hierarchy begins with groups. Each group can have one or more categories, or topics (these can be determined by subject matter, similarity, or however you like), and each category can have one or more articles in it. Articles can be as long or as short as you like, and can contain any information you wish to have at an agent’s fingertips for them to share with customers.

The knowledge base for agent use

You can share a knowledge base’s canned responses anywhere within a script, and you can display them with whatever formatting you choose via the provided text editor. Articles can be searched and filtered by the agent from right within the script using custom labels.
Labels are configurable terms you can attach to an article for search purposes (these can be configured in the Knowledge Base section). They don’t have to contain any text from the article — they can consist of any terms you choose. Just remember, labels should be relevant and intuitive to ensure agents can quickly and easily access the information they’re seeking.
Another setting that can aid in ease of use for agents is the Order feature (also configurable via the Knowledge Base section). This lets you decide the order in which any category or article should display in the knowledge base. Inputting a number 1 will allow that category or article to show up first, a number 2 would show up second, and so on. It’s useful for items that get referenced often, and for those items that do, you might want to put them closer to the top, which means you’d assign them lower numbers.
Once agents have located the correct article and/or piece of text, they can share it with the customer verbally during a call or via click or cut-and-paste during a chat. The Show Send setting allows you to choose whether or not agents get to edit the text before sending it to customers (this option applies to SMS/chat). If this setting is on, agents will not be able to edit or alter the text in any way before sharing it with the customer. This option can also be configured via the Knowledge Base section.
In the next article, we’ll go over how to create and edit knowledge base groups, categories, and articles, and how to add knowledge base groups to your scripts.
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