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Displaying captured data from tags later in a script

If you want to use lead-, call-, or chat-based data — or custom data collected from an element — elsewhere in the script, you can simply call up the tag associated with that information. 
Say you want to confirm a lead’s interest in some of your products. In Capturing and tagging data in a script, we gave the agent a multi-select dropdown menu in the script that contained a list of all of the company’s available products. The agent read the options to the lead and selected a couple products that interested them the most. 
Now you want to review their answers later on in the script via a Text Block element. You can add that Text Block element to your script page and insert a dynamic tag field that auto-populates with the answer the lead provided to your agent earlier.
Tag inserted into a Text Box element
The answer the agent selected for the tag you created earlier — {{model.model.ourservices}} — will now populate in the script dynamically. So if the agent selected grills earlier on as the answer, then they’ll see grills show up in this tagged field at this point in the script.
View of a tag in use in an agent script
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