Engage Voice | Managing loaded lists

Once you’ve uploaded a lead list, you’ll be able to view, edit, and manage it via the Loaded Lists option in your campaign’s configuration panel.

Viewing loaded lists

All uploaded lists will be displayed in table format, where you’ll see the following information displayed in columns for each lead list:
  • Priority: The priority you chose for the list (default is 0). See the following section for information on how to set list priority 
  • Description: The description that was applied to the list file during the upload process
  • Upload Date: The date the list was uploaded to the system
  • Uploaded By: The name of the user that uploaded the list file
  • Sup.: The number of leads that were supplied in the uploaded list file
  • Ins.: The number of leads that were actually inserted into the system 
  • DNC: The number of leads removed from the list due to DNC scrubbing
  • WL: The number of leads that were whitelisted
  • Last DNC Scrub: The date and time the list was last scrubbed against DNC lists
  • Result: This field is a real-time reflection of the upload status of a lead list. You may encounter either of the following results here:
    • Pending DNC: The list is still uploading and in the process of verifying Do Not Call numbers
    • OK: The list has uploaded successfully
  • State: The current state (or status) of the list. You can use the dropdown menu in the column header to filter your lead lists by available states. Available states include the following:
    • All States: See all list states 
    • Pending DNC: See lists that have not yet been scrubbed against DNC lists
    • Ready: See lists that are ready to be dialed
    • Deleted: See lists that have been deleted (we’ll discuss how to delete a list next)
    • Loading: See lists that are currently in the process of loading
    • Agent Callbacks: See lists that have pending agent callbacks remaining
    • All Callbacks: See lists that have any type of lead callback pending
    • Paused: See lists that have been paused (we’ll discuss how to pause a list next)
    • Active: See all active lists
If you would like to further filter your lead lists, you can use the search bar in the table header under the Description and Uploaded By columns. Begin typing into the search bar to quickly find the list(s) you need.

Managing a lead list

Editing list state and priority

Once a lead list has been uploaded, you will be able to make changes to its priority (the order in which you wish for it to dial) and its current state. For any changes beyond that, we recommend pausing the existing list and uploading an entirely new lead list with the additional changes. 

You can edit a lead list by clicking the pencil and paper icon in the list’s Edit column. Here, you’ll see two options appear in a modal window.
  • Priority: Choose a priority for your list here (0 is the default — and highest — priority. If all lists are set to 0, the system will dial from each list at an equal rate, taking into account factors such as lead pass count and lead status)
  • List State: This refers to the current dialable state of the list. States include the following:
    • Active: The list is active and available for dialing
    • Paused: The list is paused and cannot be dialed on
    • All Callbacks: Only leads that have been assigned a specific callback time will be dialed
    • Agent Callbacks: Only leads that have been assigned both a specific callback time and a reserved agent will be dialed

Moving and merging lead lists

A couple more ways you can manage lead lists is by moving them into different campaigns or merging one list into another (existing) list. When moving and merging lists, the system will follow the duplicate lead preference you indicated via the De-dupe List setting during list upload.
Please note that for both moving and merging, the system will retain all list history and associated data once the move or merge is completed. 
Please also note that it is not advisable to move a list that is actively being dialed.
Options for moving and merging lists are available via the Move Merge setting in the next-to-last column of the loaded lists table. Once you click the right arrow icon, a modal window will appear with the following settings:
  • Select a campaign to move this list to: Use the dropdown menu to select the campaign you would like to move this list to
  • Merge into existing list: Check this box to merge this list into an existing list
  • List Description: This field only appears when you’re moving the list to a different campaign. Use this option to edit the description of the list you’re moving
  • Existing list: This field only appears when you’re merging the list into an existing list. Click the dropdown menu to choose the existing list to which you would like to move the current list

Bulk cancel leads

The Bulk cancel leads action changes the state of leads uploaded or entered to CANCELLED. You can cancel up to 200,000 leads tied to a campaign in bulk. To cancel leads in bulk, click on Bulk cancel leads at top right, select from the options, then click Cancel leads.
Options for cancelling leads in bulk:
  • Upload list of phone numbers (.csv): csv files should use a single column of phone numbers. Pipe delimited phone numbers in leads will not work
  • Manually enter phone numbers: Enter lead phone numbers separated by a comma or a new line. Manual entry is limited to 524k characters in the text area
The cancellation process could take a little while for large sets of leads. After clicking on Cancel leads, you will be presented with a message notification that an email will be sent with the results when complete. The email response will contain the number of lead phone numbers successfully processed. If multiple files are uploaded, an email will be sent in response to each file with the corresponding results for that file.

Deleting a lead list

You can delete a lead list by clicking the trash icon in the last column of the loaded lists table. Please note that when you delete a list, it is permanently removed from the system, and all its corresponding data is also deleted, which will impact both the dialing history for any leads on that list and your reporting history. 
That being said, there is a short delay period after you delete a lead list (usually an overnight delay); the deleted list will still appear in your loaded lists table for a short time (labeled as ‘deleted’) so that you can reactivate it if you wish. Once it disappears from the table, however, it is gone for good.
If you don’t wish to dial on a lead list, it’s generally a good practice to pause the list rather than delete it.
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