Engage Voice | Uploading a new lead list

Now that you understand the basics on list loading, let’s discuss how to upload (and configure) a new lead list to a campaign. You upload lead lists via the Loaded Lists option in the campaign’s configuration panel.

Lead list uploading checklist

Before you upload a list, you’ll want to check on a few things. First, be sure the list is formatted properly for the system to read. The system currently accepts leads in the following formats: Excel, Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited, and Pipe Delimited. If your file is not compatible with one of these formats, the system may not upload your leads properly (or at all). If you want to upload a list where leads have multiple phone numbers, read Uploading leads with multiple phone numbers first.
Next, you’ll want to make sure that your lists are properly formatted for your needs. If you would like to have a header row with column names, be sure you’ve set that up properly in your lead list. 
If you have custom lead information or data for auxiliary fields, be sure to make note of those so you can map them properly when the time comes.

Helpful hint!

Custom lead data field groups must be assigned to the campaign before uploading a new list containing custom lead information. Otherwise, you will not be able to access any of your custom lead mapping options.
Uploading lead lists is a pretty straightforward process. Let’s go through the steps:
1. Navigate to Dialing > Campaigns
2. Select the campaign you’d like to upload your lead list to
3. Click the Loaded Lists tab in the campaign’s configuration panel
4. Click the Upload new list button at upper right
5. Configure your list’s settings via the Settings, DNC Scrub, and Preview tabs at the top of the modal window that appears (we’ll go over those settings below)
6. Use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of the modal window to navigate between settings tabs
7. When you’re ready to upload, use the Save button located in the Preview tab to save your configurations and exit the modal window

Configuring basic lead list upload settings

This section refers to the first tab — Settings — in the upload list modal window that appears when uploading a new list. You can use this tab to configure basic settings for the list you wish to upload. Let’s look at your setting options below.
  • Active: Check this box if you wish this list to become active immediately upon upload
  • Has Header Row: Check this box to indicate whether the list contains a header row. If you don’t check this box, the system will process the first row as if it were lead data
  • Custom Upload: Click this button to select the list you wish to upload from your computer. Please note that you can only upload one file at a time 
  • Upload Queue Table: This table appears once you’ve selected the file you wish to upload. It will display the filename, the size of the file, an upload progress bar, and a red Delete button at far right that you can use to delete the selected file from the table
  • File Type: Select a file type from the dropdown list. Options include the following: Excel, Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited, and Pipe Delimited
  • Description: Enter a description for this list (this is a required field)

Helpful hint!

The system will chronologically consolidate any uploaded lists that have identical descriptions (within any given campaign). Say you upload a lead list with the description ‘New List.’ Any subsequent list file loaded to that campaign that also has a description of ‘New List’ will automatically append to (the end of) that existing list. If there is any variance in the description (such as ‘newlist’), the system will create a separate lead list.
  • De-dupe List: Use this setting to indicate whether you wish to remove duplicate entries from your uploaded lead lists. A duplicate entry refers to an uploaded lead that has the same phone number as a lead that already exists on the platform. Please note that the system will only look for duplicate leads by phone number. When the system de-dupes a list, that means it will keep the leads that already exist on the platform, and it will not upload any duplicate leads found in the lead list. De-dupe options include the following:
    • Yes, Remove duplicates found in this list: Select this option to remove any duplicate leads found on the list currently being uploaded
    • Yes, Remove duplicates found in existing lists: Select this option to remove duplicates from all lead lists within this campaign
    • No, Retain duplicates: Select this option to keep all duplicated leads intact across all lists in this campaign
  • Timezone: Choose the timezone you wish to assign to leads on this list. The system can determine each lead’s timezone based on the column/data you choose. You can use the lead’s area code (Lead Phone), their zip code (Lead Zip Code), or you can dedicate an entire column to indicate custom lead timezones (Lead Timezone Column). Acceptable timezone formats include standard timezone codes and custom dial zone codes. Remember: The system looks at lead timezones to determine when/whether or not to dial leads. Say your scheduled dialing hours are between 9am and 5pm MT, and one of your leads lives in California (Pacific time). If you start dialing at 9am MT, that means it’s still 8am PT, so the system won’t dial that California-based lead until 10am MT (which would be 9am PT)

Configuring DNC scrubbing for an uploaded list

This section refers to the second tab — DNC Scrub — in the upload list modal window that appears when uploading a new lead list. You can use this tab to configure DNC settings for the list you wish to upload. 
There is only one setting here, and that is a field that allows you to choose which DNC tags to scrub this list against. Please note that you can create and edit DNC tags via the DNC tray setting under Dialing. Any tags you create via this setting will populate in the field for your selection.

About the Preview tab in list uploading

The third tab — Preview — that appears in the upload list modal window can be used to configure list mapping options that will apply both to the current list and (if you choose to create a mapping template) to future lists. 

We’ll discuss list mapping in Mapping a lead list: the basics, but for now, just be aware that once you map your lead list data to a list of system, auxiliary, and/or custom destinations, you’ll be able to save those mappings as a template, and you can name the template and access it via the Preview tab of the Upload List modal window.

Lead list upload results via email

Once you’ve successfully uploaded a lead list to your campaign, you’ll receive a confirmation email notifying you of the results. It will give you basic information that includes the following:
  • A notification that your list has uploaded successfully
  • The uploaded file name
  • The number of leads that were supplied in the list
  • The number of leads that were accepted (or successfully processed)
  • The number of leads designated for the internal DNC list
  • The number of leads uploaded to the national DNC registry
  • The number of leads removed from the list due to DNC scrubbing
  • The number of leads designated for whitelisting
  • The number of leads designated for quota management
  • The state of your lead list (ACTIVE, PAUSED, PENDING DNC)
  • The method you chose to indicate lead timezone in the list
    • NPA_NXX: This option indicates that the lead’s timezone was set based on NPA and NXX results (default)
    • ZIPCODE: This option indicates that you set the lead timezone based on the lead’s zip code
    • EXPLICIT: This option indicates that you manually set the lead’s timezone, whether via a timezone code or custom dial plan code
  • The date and time the lead list was uploaded
  • The account number the lead list was uploaded to
  • The ID number of the campaign the lead list was uploaded to

Uploading leads with multiple phone numbers

Uploading leads with multiple phone numbers is similar to uploading a regular lead list. However, the only way to upload leads with multiple numbers is by using the Excel file type. You just need to separate or delimit phone numbers within a single cell using a pipe, also known as a vertical bar (e.g. ‘9998887777|6665554444|3332221111’).
In the given example, the phone numbers (999) 888-7777, (666) 555-4444, and (333) 222-1111 are all separated or ‘delimited’ by the | character. A single lead can have up to six phone numbers associated with it.
Once uploaded, continue with the lead list uploading process.

Helpful hint!

If one of the multiple phone numbers associated with a single lead is on the DNC list, the whole lead will not be displayed. You can either remove the phone number from the DNC list or remove said phone number from the lead list. If an agent wants to remove a number from a lead because it’s not associated with the lead anymore (unreachable, not active anymore, etc.), it needs to be manually updated or removed at the lead level. Read more about managing leads at Managing leads and lead information.
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