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Modifying lead callbacks via the Leads search

If you wish to set scheduled lead callbacks, you can do so by flagging a lead for a callback via a disposition. Another way to schedule lead callbacks is via the Leads search, which we’ll discuss now. Scheduled lead callbacks consist of flags you can place on leads to let the system know the exact date and time it should call the leads back. 
To set and cancel scheduled lead callbacks, take the following steps:
1. Navigate to Dialing > Leads via the left nav bar
2. Use the search filters to find your lead(s) 
3. If you wish to modify a single lead’s callback preference, click into that lead’s Detail profile
4. Select the Set/Cancel Scheduled Callbacks option from the Select Next Action dropdown list
5. Click the Begin button to reach the Callback Scheduling configuration modal window
6. Select the action you wish to take from the Action dropdown menu
7. If you chose to Set Callbacks for Specific Agent, you can use the Agent Reservation dropdown to choose an agent to handle the scheduled callback, and the Call Back Date setting to choose the date and time for the callback 
8. Click the Perform Action button at bottom right to save your changes and exit the modal window
Once you’ve reached the Callback Scheduling modal window, you’ll see the settings mentioned in the steps above. Let’s take a deeper look at each of those settings now. 
  • Action: This setting allows you to choose the type of callback action you wish to take for the selected leads. Options include the following: 
    • Cancel Callbacks: Select this option to cancel any existing scheduled callbacks for the selected leads
    • Cancel Callbacks / Reset Leads: Select this option to cancel any callbacks and reset all the selected leads
    • Set Callbacks for Specific Agent: This option allows you to reserve all selected leads for callback by a specific agent at a specific date/time
  • Agent Reservation: If you chose the Set Callbacks for Specific Agent option, you’ll see this field appear. Use it to select the agent you wish to reserve for these lead callbacks
  • Call Back Date: If you chose the Set Callbacks for Specific Agent option, you’ll see this field appear. Use it to enter a date (and time) for the callback
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