Engage Voice | Intro to Omni-channel Analytics

Omni-channel refers to the addition of digital features from Engage Digital to the Engage Voice platform. Analytics refers to the real-time, historical, and custom reporting portions of the platform in the form of dashboards, stats, and reports.
Typically, there are four tools in Engage Voice Analytics: Real-time reporting, Scheduled reports, Historical reports, and Historical dashboards. With Omni-channel, Digital analytics from Engage Digital has been added to the Omni-channel suite, giving Analytics a tool that specifically handles data from digital sources.
Of the four Engage Voice tools, Historical reports and Historical dashboards will deal with data coming from both calls and digital interactions. Measures and attributes that include data from digital sources have been added so you can now create reports to include digital interactions. You can create custom reports that suit your needs, but there are pre-existing dashboards that contain reports generated by the system. To learn more about Historical reports and Historical dashboards, read Intro to Historical reports and Intro to Historical dashboards.
You can learn more about Real-time reporting, Scheduled reports, Historical reports, and Historical dashboards by reading Intro to Analytics

Digital analytics

Digital analytics are a component of Analytics that presents information about system statistics related to the volume of messages, the message and agent activity, and the quality of agent responses and service level in your contact center.
Data in Digital analytics are gathered from digital interactions from different sources, such as Facebook, Twitter, email, and web chat. Digital analytics come in the form of dashboards and reports. Dashboards and reports generally include data on the current period and the previous period. Some reports show the growth (in percentage) between the two periods. 
In the dashboard, you have widgets for activities, general performance, and quality. You can filter the data to be displayed in the widgets. You can learn more about dashboards by reading Intro to Digital analytics dashboard.
Digital analytics offers three categories of reports: 
  • Volume reports: Gets information on the volume of messages in your contact center
  • Activity tracking reports: Gets information on the message and agent activity in your contact center
  • Quality value reports: Gets information on the quality of agent reponses and service level in your contact center
Most reports present statistics through charts and tables. An individual report may include a table and some type of chart, whether a bar chart or a pie graph.
To learn more about Digital analytics, head on to Intro to Digital analytics reports.
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