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Intro to RingCentral Office for Engage Voice customers

RingCentral Office is a cloud-based business communications system with enterprise-grade features such as voice, fax, text, online meetings, conferencing, and collaboration. With RingCentral Office, you can easily connect your office, remote employees, and mobile users under one phone system — regardless of their location. RingCentral Office provides linked Engage Voice accounts the following benefits:
  • Reliable phone service for agent leg connections
  • Ability for agents to manage their passwords
  • Access to self-service phone number management 
  • Single Sign-On to Engage Voice for multi-agent, supervisor, or mixed admin users
  • Access to RingCentral University training materials for agents and admins
  • Ability to create support tickets via RingCentral Salesforce 
  • Self sign-up to incident notifications and the latest product status via the RingCentral Status site
If your Engage Voice account is not already linked with RingCentral Office, go to Linking RingCentral Office to Engage Voice to learn how to connect your account to RingCentral Office. Once you link your account to RingCentral Office, you can then do all the things that new customers can do, such as managing users and phone numbers, which we will discuss below. 

Phone Service Reliability

With RingCentral Office integrations, your agents will connect to their calls using the same industry-leading telephone service as the core RingCentral Office. This means your agents can expect exceptionally high call quality with class-leading reliability on the agent-leg connection, all using the same browser-based and fully integrated softphone you’ve come to enjoy. Your agents can also sign in with external RingCentral devices (RC Glip, RC Softphone, RC Desktop Phone, RC Office, and more) with a simple click of a button on login, and all Engage Voice calls will be routed straight to their RC Office extension.

Phone number management

With RingCentral Office integrations, all Engage Voice customers have access to self-service phone number management. You no longer have to request a new DID or TFN through Engage support and wait hours or days for it to become available. Instead, using the RingCentral Office service portal, you can order any amount of toll-free phone numbers or local DIDs in the location(s) of your choosing, and they become immediately available. When you are finished with a number and no longer need it, simply cancel it within the same self-service portal and you won’t be charged again. For more information and instructions on how to purchase numbers and configure them to route to Engage Voice, see Purchasing phone numbers in RingCentral Office

Once you have purchased a toll-free number or local DID, it must be imported into your Engage Voice account and assigned to its final destination, typically an IVR or directly to an inbound ACD queue. For more information, see Configuring the CCRN in Engage Voice and Editing Phone Numbers within Engage Voice.

User management

With the convenience of RingCentral Office, you manage your agents and back-office workers from a single location. By creating free “virtual extension” users, you may add an unlimited number of extensions to your system for use as a typical Engage Voice agent. For the case of users who require both back-office and Engage Voice agent availability, you can create paid-for “digital line” users, which expose additional features such as external physical device connectivity and direct inbound phone numbers. In either case, these users can be imported or linked into Engage Voice as agents, supervisors, and/or administrators, and are able to log in with a single set of credentials. To get started adding new users to your RingCentral Office account, see Add a User Extension Without an Assigned Phone
After you have one or more users created within RingCentral Office, you then Import an agent from RingCentral Office into Engage Voice. Once imported, you can read more about how to configure your agent.
Once the agent is created in RingCentral Office, imported to Engage Voice, and properly configured, all that remains is for the agent to log in and get connected. For more on this, see Logging in to the platform.
For administrators, the process is a little different. You first create an administrator in Engage Voice and then link the administrator to an existing RingCentral Office user. This provides the ability for all users to sign in with the same RingCentral credentials regardless of their role or user type. For more information on how to sync an administrator or agent with an existing RingCentral Office user, see Syncing users from RingCentral Office.
For a general introduction to managing users in RingCentral Office, you can read User Roles and Permissions Overview
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