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Release Notes

RingCentral Events

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingCentral Events.


Release date: July 3, 2024

  • Country field and updated form fields: You can now add a country field into your registration form for any event. The country field is a dropdown of all countries in the world, in which a registrant can select from when they are registering for your event. In addition, we have added section headers and descriptions for all form fields, including improved usability and naming to reflect industry standards.
Country field and updated form fields
  • Domain restriction: You can now set up permit/block lists for your events by entering a set of comma-separated domains in the new Settings section under the Landing Page tab of your dashboard. If a domain is blocked, a user who tries to register with that domain will be told the event is restricted. If a domain is permitted, it will restrict your event to only allowing users with that domain to be able to register. 
Domain restriction
  • Registration dashboard improvements: We’ve made various enhancements to simplify and improve the registration experience for organizers. These include the following:
    • Event Overview changes: We have standardized the look and feel of the Event Overview page and updated the quick set-up checklists to match the event type that you have selected.
Event Overview changes
  • Navigation and settings changes:
    • Landing Page: Includes a new Settings section that houses all settings (with a new look and feel) from the previous Additional Settings tab that has now been removed.
    • Registration Form: Same as before
    • Tickets: Same as before
    • Registrants: Moved from the previous People tab (which has now been removed).
    • Magic Link Invites: Moved from the previous People tab (which has now been removed)
Navigation and settings changes
  • Update Custom Form Field Answers (via CSV Upload): Event organizers can now enjoy the flexibility and efficiency of updating all their custom form field answers in bulk. This powerful addition streamlines event management and ensures your data is always up-to-date.

    Please note that basic attendee information (first-last name, email and Ticket type) will not be updated in bulk with CSV uploads
Update Custom Form Field Answers (via CSV Upload)


  • Mode selection on Attendee App (Hybrid Tickets): Upon entering the related event in the Attendee App for the first time, you'll be asked to specify your attendance type: In-Person or Virtually. Based on your selection, the app will adapt to provide the most relevant features for you.
    • In-Person Attendees: No more live streaming clutter. You'll have all the event details at your fingertips without the streaming distraction.
    • Virtual Attendees: Enjoy uninterrupted live streaming alongside all the interactive features.

      All other session features like Session description, Speakers Chat, Q&A, Polls will be still available for In-person attendees, same as for Virtual attendees.
Mode selection on Attendee App (Hybrid Tickets)
  • Attendee Engagement score: The Attendee Engagement Score is an easy way to identify the most engaged attendees during your event. The Engagement Score is a proprietary formula calculated from 20+ data points, and allows for comparison inside an event. The maximum score is 100 and the minimum score is 0 (for no-show registrants).
Attendee Engagement score
  • Attendee confetti: Attendees will be able to send confetti when watching Sessions. These can be turned off in Moderated Sessions, if the Moderators and Admins prefer not to use them.

    Confetti reactions are considered attendee engagement and will be tracked and made available to customers in the existing and future analytics that track engagement.
Attendee confetti
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