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Release Notes

RingCentral Contact Center Fall 2020

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingCentral Contact Center.
Release Date: Fall 2020
The following features are scheduled for Release 20.3 (Fall 2020) release of RingCentral Contact Center. Users will be able to access these features, depending on their permissions and purchased applications, once their business unit has been updated. 
Features are subject to change between now and the final release date.
New Applications
SMS Messaging 
SMS Messaging is a new, native channel for SMS (text) messaging. It can be used for both manual inbound and outbound messaging, and is also supported for use with Proactive SMS campaigns in Personal Connection. You can set it up to work as a regular ACD channel (similar to chat). 
In the current inbound SMS solution, text messages appear to agents as work items. With SMS Messaging, text conversations are conducted in a separate SMS workspace with improved handling capabilities.
Contact your RingCentral representative to learn more.
Global Changes
Encryption Enhancements
Encryption enhancements will include the ability to handle encrypted API calls, which the API façade accepts selectively; end-to-end chat encryption; and the ability for Agent applications to receive chat and email updates with end-to-end encryption. 
PKCE Support for OpenID Connect Authentication
You will be able to use Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) in place of your client secret for front-end authentication with OpenID Connect.
Product Naming Changes
Several products in the RingCentral Contact Center suite have recently changed names. These changes will be reflected in the product user interface and in our online help in the Summer 2020 release. These changes are detailed in the following table.
New Name
Workforce Engagement (WEM)
Workforce Management
Quality Management
QM Analytics
Interaction Analytics
IEX WFM Integrated
Engage QM Integrated
Engage Integrated Recording
Nexidia Analytics
Performance Management
Previous Name
Workforce Engagement (WEM)
Workforce Management
Quality Management Pro
QM Analytics Pro
Recording Pro
Interaction Analytics
WFM Enterprise
QM Enterprise
Recording Enterprise
Nexidia Analytics
InView Performance Management
Adobe Flash Elements Replaced
The skill priority comparison diagram, which is available when you create or edit an inbound, blended PC, or interruptible skill, will be replaced with a new version to continue our support in browsers that are removing Adobe Flash support this year. The new diagram will look and function the same way as the current diagram and provide all the same features and data. 
Ability to Download Only Active Users 
When you download existing users from the users bulk upload feature, you will be able to specify whether you want to download all users or only users who are currently active. This enables you to quickly view and manage active users in a smaller document without having to scroll through your inactive users. 
Agent for Oracle Service Cloud
911 Dialing
Agents in the United States using any outbound voice skill will be able to dial 911 and be routed to the National Emergency Center. This feature will be available in every agent application and will ensure compliance with Kari's Law. 
Agent for Salesforce
See the Agent for Salesforce version log for a list of previous versions.
Initiate Outbound Messaging SMS Contact as New Contact
Agents using SMS Messaging will be able to initiate an outbound SMS contact without associating it with an existing contact.
Click-to-Dial Elevation
Agents will be able to use click-to-dial to elevate an interaction with an assigned Salesforce contact.
Agent Experience Enhancements
Agents will be able to:
  • Sort the skill list by skills, queue, and wait time.
  • Receive commitment reminders one minute before they are due.
Administrator Experience Enhancements
Administrators will be able to: 
  • Control the visibility of the Delete button in the commitment manager.
  • Sort agents by their name, the date, and the time they've spent in the queue. 
911 Dialing
Agents in the United States using any outbound voice skill will be able to dial 911 and be routed to the National Emergency Center. This feature will be available in every agent application and will ensure compliance with Kari's Law. 
Integrated Softphone Enhancements
You will be able to set the ring tone that is played when a call is presented to the agent. You will also be able to enable auto-accept, resulting in agents in the available state automatically accepting calls instead of having to manually accept them.
RingCentral Contact Center Softphone
Hosted Softphone
You will have the option to subscribe to hosted Softphone licenses. The hosted Softphone license is assigned to an agent instead of a device. This allows your agents the flexibility to sign in and work from any device. 
New Version of Softphone
You will be able to download Softphone version 6.1 for your users. Version 6.1 adds support for more recent headphones. This update is recommended but not required.
Cloud Storage Services
Advanced TTL Edit
You will be able to add or remove conditions to life cycle rules and change their priority. 
Apply Rules to Existing Files
You will be able to apply rules to existing files that are not tagged.
View Change History for Rules
You will be able to view change history for rules. 
Interaction Analytics
User Interface Update
Users will have a more unified user experience with interface updates that enhance the product look and feel.
Anomaly Detection – the system will identify phrases and topics whose “arrival pattern” differs from its typical pattern, and will show the trends over time, providing an early warning to analysts.
Performance Management (formerly known as InView)
RingCentral Contact Center Theme
The interface will be restyled with the RingCentral Contact Center theme. 
Roles Page Update
The Roles page will be redesigned to be more uniform with other areas of Performance Management. The landing page will display the list of roles in a table along with basic information, and you will also have a simpler flow for creating and maintaining roles.
Form Scores Module
A new module will display scores that users earned on completed forms. A user (such as a coach or supervisor) can only view scores of forms that they created. You must have a Coaching or Surveys add-on enabled to use this module’s functionality.
Proficiency Module
You will be able to manage user proficiency settings from the new dashboard proficiency module. Previously these settings were accessed from the side menu.
Current Agent States Custom Colors
Users will be able to set custom colors for different agent states in the Current Agent States dashboard module.
Subscription Management
You will be able to manage both dashboard (including legacy dashboard) and module subscriptions in a single location, the Subscriptions Management page. Additionally, an Admin role setting will allow you to manage all subscriptions. 
Dashboard List
The dashboards list will be redesigned to be more uniform with other areas of Performance Management, offering easier navigation and access.
Dashboard Master Filter
A master filter will allow users to filter all modules on a single dashboard by the same parameters. This has historically only been available for legacy dashboards.
New Dashboard List Button: Create New
Users will have another method of creating dashboards: a Create New button on the dashboards list slide-out. Currently, users can create a new dashboard by opening a new dashboard tab, or by clicking Home in the side menu. 
Wallboard Text Editor
The Wallboards text editor will have rich text capabilities to allow for better text editing. The text editor is available for custom Wallboard slides.
Racing Wallboard Stack Ranking
A new rank order setting for the Racing Wallboard slide will allow you to display racers from first to last. 
Wallboards Landing Page Update
The Wallboards landing page will be redesigned to be more uniform with other areas of Performance Management. Wallboards will display in a table instead of thumbnail cards, along with basic information such as last edited and creation dates. 
Summary Total Row
Users will be able to display a Total row in the Summary module and Summary Wallboard slide.
Connect All Gamification Game
A new Connect All game will provide another fun method of gamifying your contact center. This new game, similar to the Connect 3 game, will require players to complete every square to earn a reward. 
Games Landing Page Update
The landing page for gamification games will be redesigned for convenience and usability, also making the creation flow for games more uniform with other aspects of the application.
Games Reward Estimator
Before finalizing the creation of a game, a new step will be estimating the payout of the new game based on historical data. Game creators will be able to run a simulation of the game based on historical data to determine if any changes should be made to the rewards before actually creating the game.
Same Day Challenges
Users will be able to create challenges that begin the same day that they are created. Currently, users can only create challenges that begin the following day (or later). 
Feedback Management Integration
If you have Feedback Management enabled, you will be able to integrate data from that application into your Performance Management environment.
Performance Management (AX) Only
Two of the Fall 2020 features are only available if your environment is on our newer, AX platform introduced this year. Environments implemented prior to 2020 are being migrated to the new platform. Contact your RingCentral representative if you have not received communication on this initiative.
Contact Detail Reporting
A new reporting module will allow you to create tabular reports, pivot tables, and drill-down into contact-level data. 
Login/Logout Module
A new module will show data for agent logins/logouts, providing supervisors with additional data on agent behavior.
Localization for French Canadian
Users who speak French Canadian will be able to use MAX in their native and local language.
911 Dialing
Agents in the United States using any outbound voice skill will be able to dial 911 and be routed to the National Emergency Center. This feature will be available in every agent application and will ensure compliance with Kari's Law.
Auto-Accept Permissions
You will be able to suppress the setting that allows agents to automatically accept incoming calls. This ability removes the risk of an agent activating Auto-Accept and then leaving their desk in an available state.
Phone Control via Headset
Headset vendors will be able to leverage hooks to allow basic phone controls to be performed via headset. Headset devices will not immediately support this capability. This feature will enable agents to handle calls more efficiently.
Integrated Softphone Ringtone Added for Consultations
Integrated Softphone agents will be able to have a ringtone play when a call is being offered to them for consultation. This helps agents be more productive and ensures consultation attempts are not missed.
Secondary Ring Device Setting
This setting will allow Integrated Softphone agents to play a ring sound through their workstation's external speakers. This gives agents more freedom to step a short distance from their desks to collaborate with colleagues between calls.
Accessibility Improvements
Agents using screen readers will find MAX more usable than before in accordance with requirements from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Voicemail Phone Call Controls
Agents will be able to perform typical call control functions such as mute, mask, and record for Voicemail callbacks. The Callback field will pre-populate the phone number field when commitments are scheduled from voicemails. This improves the voicemail handling experience for agents.
Integrated Softphone Uses Phone Call Refusal Timeout Setting
Integrated Softphone will adhere to the Phone Call Refusal Timeout value configured in the Admin app rather than defaulting to 30 seconds for timeout.
DTMF Touchtones from Agents' Keyboard
This feature will allow agents navigating an IVR to use their keyboard to input DTMF touchtones as an alternative to using mouse clicks for a faster, more convenient experience.
Upgrade to AudioCodes SDK
This upgrade will improve MAX Integrated Softphone resilience by reconnecting in the event of certain network disruptions.
Personal Connection
Auto-Deletion of Calling Lists
The Days until List Source Is Flagged for Deletion setting will delete the temporary calling list file in addition to the source file on the database. This will automate cleanup of the calling list folder that users previously had to perform manually, reducing workload.
Reporting and Dashboards
New Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting Tool
RingCentral Contact Center Reporting will be providing a new BI (Business Intelligence) reporting tool, which will provide users with advanced data-analysis capabilities. The new tool will allow users to view and analyze information from their organization and receive actionable insights across teams and channels.
The new tool will provide the following updates:
The Prebuilt Reports page will display a single, unified list of reports for all existing ACD, QM, Analytics, Audit, and Billing reports which still run using the previous reporting tool, as well as the new BI reports. Users will be able to search for the report they need.
Two new out-of-the-box WFM BI reports: 
  • WFM Adherence Report
  • WFM Time Utilization
For more information, go to the Workforce Management section of the Coming Soon.
  • Four new out-of-the-box QM BI reports:
  • Evaluation by Teams
  • Evaluation Question and Answer Details
  • Evaluations by Section and Question
  • Evaluation Details
For more information, go to the Quality Management section of the Coming Soon.
The BI reports will be displayed in a new report viewer. The viewer provides the following functionality:
  • Multiple widgets displaying different views of the report data
  • Filtering for the complete report, as well as for each widget
  • Grouping data in one widget to affect the data shown in other widgets
  • Advanced sorting options for each widget
  • Drill-down capabilities to analyze data in more detail
  • Full report export to PDF
  • Full-page widget view and data export to Excel/CSV/PDF
To view/use the new BI Reports, users must enable the Report Viewer permission. 
In addition, each of the new BI reports has their own permission. These must be enabled to allow users to view those specific reports.
All BI Report permissions will be available in the Reporting Permissions in Admin > Security > Roles and Permissions. For more information, see the Admin section of the Coming Soon.
Billing Attribute for BI Reports
A new attribute will be added to employee cards in Admin: Can view BI reports. 
Employees with this attribute selected will be able to view the new BI reports. Customers will be billed for BI report usage based on the number of employees with this attribute selected.
MP3 File Format Supported in the Contact History Report
Customers will be able to listen to their recordings in .mp3 format in addition to .wav format. This provides more flexibility in accessing recordings.
New Monitor Calls Data Download Report
Customers will be able to run a report that shows a list of interactions with agents or contacts that were monitored. This report will list who was monitoring the interaction and the length of time the interaction was being monitored. 
Encryption in the Active Contacts Report
To protect sensitive content in transit, monitored chat interactions using the Active Contacts report will be encrypted.
Name Change in the Storage Billing Report
To make the Storage Billing report more accurate and descriptive, the AWS label in the report will be changed to Cloud Storage.
Custom Reporting Error Messaging Enhancement
A detailed error message will display when a generated report exceeds the maximum row limit for Microsoft Excel.
Widget Performance Enhancement
ACD reporting widgets will load agent and skill drop-downs in the settings menu more quickly.
Faster Startup Time
Studio will experience faster load times, allowing users to begin working more quickly. Load progress will be displayed in a progress bar. 
Support for OpenID Connect Authentication 
Studio will offer 2 new login options that support OpenID Connect: In addition to a standard Studio environment, there is a new Gov version of the Studio tool that will be specific to FedRAMP users.
Reduce DB Connector Timeout Duration 
Server maintenance causes temporary timeouts in the DB Connector server connection. The duration of these timeouts will be reduced, allowing the IVR to handle calls more smoothly.
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