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Release Notes

RingCentral Contact Center Central | Spring 2022

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingCentral Contact Center Central. For Contact Center User Hub Release Notes, please refer to this page.
Release Date: Spring 2022

Spring Release 22.1

Global Changes

Unicode Character Support for User Input
Users can enter text into fields, file names, prompts, and so on, using characters from any Unicode character set, including Japanese characters. This is supported in applications and features such as Studio, WFI, DB Connector, and Workflow Data. It allows users to enter text in the language they're most comfortable using.
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What's New in the Online Help

Online Help Available in Three New Languages
Online help for Spring 2022 will be available in three new languages: Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), and Korean. The non-English sites will be published as soon as available.


Call Abandonment Rate Calculation Change
The Contact Center call abandonment rate measurement has changed to meet recent clarifications of TCPA regulations. Handled calls only include live calls that were delivered to an agent. Calls that agents dismissed as answering machines no longer count. With this release, the abandonment rate calculation is the Total Number of Abandon Calls divided by the Total Number of Live Calls (represented by Handled Calls minus Agent-Identified Answer Machine Calls plus Abandoned Calls).
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Skill Name Enhancement
You can include a colon (:) in a skill name. This change is effective for skills created:
  • In the ACD application
  • By using bulk upload
  • By using APIs
This enhancement provides an additional option if you need to distinguish between multiple skills.
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Updated Permissions for Business Unit Tabs
The permissions that control access to the following business unit tabs have changed:
  • Usage—New permission: Business Unit Usage
  • Federated Identity—Existing permission: Login Authenticator
  • OpenID Connect—Existing permission: Login Authenticator
  • Contact Center Attendant—New permission: Business Unit CXone Attendant
The new permissions give you more granular control of your users' access. These changes may affect your users' current access. If they do, you need to edit your current permissions. These updates close loopholes in the security model in these tabs.
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Updated Studio API
The Studio API has been updated. For more information, select Studio in the filter on the right.
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Cloud Storage Services

File Retrieval Request Cancellation
You can cancel file retrievals requests that are submitted by mistake. You can also view and confirm the number and sizes of files before submitting the file retrieval request. If you cancel a retrieval request, records that are not yet marked for processing will not be retrieved.
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Contact Center Attendant

FedRAMP Support
Contact Center Attendant supports FedRAMP at the Moderate Impact Level.
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Audit Logging Capabilities
Contact Center Attendant logs any changes related to it. This includes changes made in the main application window (Applications > CXone Attendant) and changes made on the Contact Center Attendant tabs on the business unit and user records. You can access this audit logging data through APIs. It includes changes to fields and other actions taken. It also logs changes made during user impersonation in Contact Center Attendant. Audit logging data is kept indefinitely.
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CXone Expert

Review Manager
You can create workflows for publishing new content. For example, you could create the following workflow:
  1. The author updates content and submits it to a specified group or user to review.
  2. The reviewer submits feedback to the author.
  3. The author edits the new content and submits it to the reviewer again for final approval.
  4. Once approved, the new content is published.
This feature enables you to manage content updates and approvals directly in CXone Expert instead of using email or messaging.
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Feedback Management

Partial Response Processing
You can submit responses from incomplete surveys for processing after a timeout period has passed. This enables you to include valuable responses in your collected data that wouldn't have been processed or appeared in reports otherwise. It differs from the partial response reporting feature because the application processes the responses as if they came from completed surveys. Processing includes:
  • Translation, if you purchased that feature
  • Automated text analytics, if you purchased that feature
  • Alerts
  • Reporting
Partial response processing is available for email, IVR, SMS conversational, SMS to Web, and WhatsApp to Web. It isn't available for internet pop-up, slider, or link. IVR partial responses process immediately after the call without waiting for a timeout period.
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Response Rate Chart Label Improvements
Labels in the Response Rate chart have changed for clarity. This makes it easier to read, especially when you process partial responses.
The following table headings changed:
  • Total Count of Complete is now Total Submitted Responses.
  • Count of No Response is now Count of Not Started.
  • Count of Started and Unsubmitted is now Count of Abandoned.
The following mouseovers changed: 
  • (Completed + Incomplete) is now (Submitted + Abandoned).
  • Completed is now Submitted.
  • Incomplete is now Abandoned.
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Improved Admin Pages
The following admin pages have been enhanced:
  • Submit Schedule Jobs page improvements make it easier to submit an on-demand job and to schedule recurring jobs.
  • System Settings page improvements make it easier to find, understand, and update your application settings. Settings are organized by function type. Some options have been renamed for clarity.
  • A redesign of the Login History page makes it easier to filter and review user logins.
  • The SSO setup page design has changed to match Contact Center styles.
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Security Improvements (FedRAMP)
Feedback Management is included in the RingCentral Contact Center FedRAMP environment. As part of the effort to meet the rigorous FedRAMP controls, security has been enhanced for all clients.
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Support for Interaction ID
If you post-process your survey data, you can use the Contact Center interaction ID to link operational data from the Contact Center interaction. For example, you could link call hold times with customer survey results from Feedback Management. The interaction ID appears in the following areas:
  • The Invitations and Responses page, including as an exportable column.
  • The Feedback API provides the Interaction ID in response to the GET request. You cannot filter in the API by interaction ID.
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Improved Flexibility in Hierarchy Functionality
Defining data access to multiple hierarchies and hierarchy levels is now more flexible. Previously, you defined hierarchy access conditions with the "AND" operator. For example, you could give a supervisor access to records that were assigned to both Team 1 AND Region A.​​ In this release, you have the option to use an "OR" operator instead. For example: ​​
  • A supervisor could review surveys for calls with their staff or themselves (Team 1 OR Agent A). ​
  • Agent scores could be assigned up through multiple departments (Team 1 OR Team 2 OR Team 3).
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API For Real-Time Outcast
Previously, you could use the API to invite contacts in real time to give feedback through SMS and IVR surveys.​​
Now, you can also invite contacts to give feedback in real time through the internet, with invitations sent by email or SMS. The API now also supports returning a unique survey link for the contact.
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Drop-Down List Option for Single-Select Questions
A new drop-down list option is available for single-select questions. This option improves the experience of selecting from a long list of values.
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Interaction Analytics

Support for Brazilian Portuguese
Users can analyze Brazilian Portuguese interactions in addition to English and Spanish interactions. Separate datasets can be created for each of these languages; that is, one language per dataset.
When you add Brazilian Portuguese analysis to Interaction Analytics, a drop-down for language is available for dataset creation and for category and workspace templates. To support Brazilian Portuguese datasets, you can create custom categories, sentiments, and entities. Selected widgets and filtering capabilities also support Brazilian Portuguese. The Interaction Analytics user interface remains in English only.
Each language in addition to English is a purchasable add-on. Ask your Account Representative for more information.
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Sorting Improvements for Interactions and Dataset Views
Sorting of columns now persists when a user views:
  • Datasets
  • Interactions from the Interactions Widget
  • Interactions by drilling down from other widgets
In other words, columns appear as they did in the final sort order the user configured in their last session. This information is stored in the browser cache for the user, so clearing cache also clears these sorting preferences.
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Annotation Usability Improvements
In the Annotation Selector, users can see which top-level nodes have matching interactions and how many interactions there are. In addition, users can click a specific annotation to jump directly to that annotation in the transcript. These enhancements make it easier and faster for users to benefit from annotations.
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Bar Chart Improvements
For widgets displayed as bar charts, users can choose whether to view results in ascending or descending order. Bar charts also support an increased limit of up to 25 lines.
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Launch MAX in a New Browser Tab
You can specify whether MAX launches in a new browser tab instead of in a new window for all agents. You can configure this setting on the Details tab of the ACD Business Unit page.
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CC Details in Emails
When agents use the Reply All option, the email conversation history and reply header now include the string of CC details.
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Media Services

Support for the Latest Platforms
NET 4.8 and Windows 2019 are now supported.
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Header Updates for Scalability
You can move calls between media servers. This increases scalability for large environments.
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Performance Management

The following features are expected to be released in early March.
Quick Rename of Tabs
You will be able to quickly rename modules and dashboards by clicking on the current name and entering a new name. This will save you time by requiring fewer clicks to rename tabs.
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Marketplace Item Variety
In the Marketplace, you will be able use a drop-down to select between items that are alike. You will be able to group items according to any attribute you choose. For example, if you have posted a video game to the Marketplace and the video game is available on three different game consoles, you can group the items based on that attribute. Then users will be able to select the drop-down to choose which game console they want to order the video game for. This will allow for a quicker checkout process in the Marketplace.
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Team Games Update
You will be able to have team versus team games. Games will allow one team to challenge another team based on performance metrics.
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Brazilian Portuguese Language Support
Performance Management will be supported in Brazilian Portuguese. This will enable more users to use Performance Management in their native language.
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Wallboard Summary Improvements
The wallboard summary will display all selected groups by automatically changing the page to display the next set of groups. This will ensure all groups will be visible on wallboard summary.
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Rewards Modal
Agents will get weekly notifications showing all the games or challenges they were not participating in for that week. This will allow agents the opportunity to see the games and challenges they missed out on, so that they can choose to participate in the future.
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Share Dashboards to User Attributes
You will be able to share dashboards with other users based on their assigned attributes. This will allow you to have a quick and easy way to share dashboards with a certain set of users.
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Personal Connection

Call Abandonment Rate Calculation Change
The Contact Center call abandonment rate measurement has changed to meet recent clarifications of TCPA regulations. Handled calls only include live calls that were delivered to an agent. Calls that agents dismissed as answering machines no longer count. With this release, the abandonment rate calculation is the Total Number of Abandon Calls divided by the Total Number of Live Calls (represented by Handled Calls minus Agent-Identified Answer Machine Calls plus Abandoned Calls).
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Reporting and Dashboards

Reporting API Updates
Reporting APIs were updated with the following features:
  • All time fields now include milliseconds instead of rounding to the nearest second.
  • The Contacts Completed API now includes a refusal reason, held party abandoned, and contact end reasons.
  • The ACW Seconds field for the Contacts Completed API now updates the LastUpdateTime stamp.
  • The Contacts Completed API now offers better error handling.
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Customizable SMTP Address
By default, Contact Center sends reports from the email address "[email protected]". To avoid these emailed reports from getting blocked, you can create a custom address that your system will not filter. For example, the Knickerbocker Contact Center could create a "[email protected]" address. Contact your Account Representative for assistance with this feature.
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Studio API Endpoint Updated
The GET /scripts endpoint of the Studio API has been updated with two query parameters, scriptId and libraryId. This restores the functionality that was available prior to version 21 of the endpoint.
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Enhanced Action: SendFile
The SendFile action can now use SFTP in addition to FTP. This provides increased security for files sent using scripts.
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New Action: RecordAgentOnly
This new action supports recording only the agent side of a voice interaction. The action's properties allow script developers to set the value to True (record only the agent) or False (record both sides). This value applies to all calls made using the associated skill and persists through call transfers. Additional use cases are planned for future releases.
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Enhanced Action: ReqAgent
Two new properties have been added to this action and support routing interactions based on agent proficiency. You can specify a high proficiency value and a low proficiency value. Contact Center then uses this skill proficiency range along with priority, acceleration, and other factors in routing the interaction. A new action, UpdateContact, gives you even more granular control over proficiency-based routing.
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New Action: UpdateContact
This new action works together with the new properties in the ReqAgent action to route interactions based on agent proficiency. You can use UpdateContact to change the high and low proficiency values, thus increasing the pool of available agents. This feature helps ensure interactions are handled in a timely manner by the most-qualified agent available.
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Accept Button
Supervisor now has a pop-up that allows users to select whether or not to accept a transferred contact. This gives users more control within the Supervisor application.
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Workforce Management (CXone)

Shrinkage by Time in Forecasting
You can select the time of the day you want to apply shrinkage. This allows you to set different levels within the same day.
This feature is available in the staffing parameters in the Generate Forecast and Forecasting Profile pages.
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Net Staffing Improved Accuracy
Net staffing has improved accuracy by considering the multiskilled agent's contribution. Net staffing shows agents' partial allocation instead of only the full-time equivalent.
For example, you scheduled an agent who has two skills. When net staffing displays data for one of those skills, it shows 0.5 for that agent instead of 1.
In addition, net staffing gathers more specific data from forecasting.
This gives you more accurate data in WFM, such as in the Schedule Manager, Intraday, and Approval Rules pages.
Customer Request X UI Change X Future Enablement X
Approve Requests Automatically Based on Requirements
You can minimize understaffing that comes with approving time-off requests.
When creating an approval rule, you now have an additional condition called Net Staffing. In this condition, you are able to define net staffing requirements. The rule can handle requests based on those staffing requirements.
This feature is only available with the WFM Advanced license.
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Consistent Breaks and Lunches
You can now define a consistent time for the agents' breaks and lunches during the week.
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Approval Rules Enhancements
Auto-approval rules automatically accept or deny agents' time-off requests. When creating the rules, you define conditions that trigger an automated response.
With this release, the scheduling unit time-off balance condition is optional.
With this enhancement, you have:
  • More flexibility when you define the rules.
  • The option to create a rule that can auto approve requests based on the submission time.
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Release Adjustments

These features are adjustments to those previously announced.

Changed Features

Each item includes a description of the feature as it was previously published on the Coming Soon page and an explanation of what changed.

Contact Center Attendant

Audit Logging Capabilities
This feature was only for changes made in the Contact Center Attendant application. It now includes changes made on the Attendant tabs found in the business unit and user records as well.

Personal Connection

Call Abandonment Rate Calculation Change
This update was described as an additional option for abandon rate calculation. It will instead replace the old method completely.

Real-Time Interaction Guidance

Support for International English Added
It was previously announced that you would be able to choose the language that Real-Time Interaction Guidance used. Instead, Real-Time Interaction Guidance defaults to either American English or International English based on the location of Contact Center.

Features to be Released at a Later Date

Each item includes a description of the feature as it was previously published on the Coming Soon page.

Global Changes

Session Timeout Warning
You will now receive a timeout warning after 20 minutes of inactivity in the Contact Center platform. You can choose to stay logged in or to log out.


DFO Email Enhancements
  • Include attachments—Any attachments in an email will be included if the email is forwarded.
Apple Business Chat Enhancements
Apple Business Chat enhancements will include:
  • Quick Replies—You will be able to define up to five choices for an agent to choose from as a quick reply in a chat.
  • Apple Pay Confirmation—The agent will receive a confirmation of payment immediately after the contact sends it.

Interaction Analytics

Support for Additional Channels
  • WeChat

Performance Management

Real-Time Alerts on Current Metrics
System alerts on current metrics will be immediate. This will allow for any needed adjustments to be made more quickly.
XP Level Setup
You will be able to set up XP and Levels for Gamification within the Command Center. This will allow you to access all current Gamification settings in one place.
Profile Template to Roles
You will be able to set up profile settings in Roles. This will allow you to save time by having all the settings in one place.

Personal Connection

Restrict Caller ID Choices to Verified Entries
You will be able to restrict the caller ID values for the Override Caller ID setting so that only numbers from the verified caller ID table are available. This will ensure that your outbound calls are assigned to a verified caller ID value, which receives full attestation using the SHAKEN protocol. To restrict the available values, you will need to contact your Account Representative.
Updates to PlaceCall Studio Action
The PlaceCall action will include Laydown functionality for automated handling of answering machine messages. This will improve answering machine detection (AMD) and accurate recording and delivery of messages.
New Studio Action: OnPreview
OnPreview will provide a trigger event for the scripted handling of Preview contacts with full Studio support.
Email Confirmation on API Calling List Uploads
If you use an API to upload a calling list, you will be able to receive an optional email confirmation when the upload is complete. For manual uploads, the email confirmation will remain mandatory.

Contact Center Recording

Interaction View
In the Interactions app, all segments of an interaction will be grouped together. You'll be able to view and play back the entire interaction as a journey.
You'll also be able to:
  • View the total time duration.
  • Share or delete the entire interaction. All the associated media will also be deleted.
Media File Status for Interactions
New indicators on the media type icons in the search results will display if the media is available for playback, archived, or deleted.
Player Enhancements
The Contact Center Recording player will have:
  • The focus feature. While playing back the recording, the focus indicator on the player will display the sections when the agent was focused on a specific interaction. This will help the evaluator review the specific sections of the recording.
  • A new option to skip the IVR portion while playing back a recording.


Prevent Access to Restricted CLI Numbers
Contact information will not be visible to agents for contacts with restricted (anonymous) CLI numbers.
The new click-to-call widget will allow you to add a click-to-call button to your website. This button will allow a contact to be placed into an inbound call queue straight from their browser. Benefits of this include:
  • The contact will stay within the web browser while an agent is being connected.
  • Contacts will experience a shorter handling time in being routed to an agent.
  • Web metadata will be available to the agent automatically.


User Interface Enhancements in Real Time Adherence
As part of the user interface enhancements, you will have:
  • Advanced filtering.
  • Improved display and user experience.
  • Quick navigation to the schedule manager by clicking an agent's name.
  • Personalized column display by sorting them manually.
  • Option to pin agents and find them easily.

Spring Cumulative Update 1

These are the bugs and known issues that are fixed on this update.
In rare cases, custom .SVG logos didn't load correctly in Contact Center.
In user bulk upload, custom property fields were limited to 40 characters.
Agent for Salesforce
Searching in the address book was case-sensitive.
When the GET contacts/completed call was made with the updatedSince parameter and the business unit had a large amount of data, the call would time out and return a 408 timeout exception error message.
  • Transferred calls weren't being added to the IEX queue 15 for forecasting.
  • For some environments, IEX data was delayed.
Contact Center Recording and Playback
For conference calls and calls transferred from one agent to another, agents were unable to mask screen.
Modifying the Agent Phone Timeout field using user bulk upload didn't update the value in Contact Center.
Clicking a Contact ID in the Contact History report returned the error message "An error occurred within the platform. Please try again. If the error continues contact your System Administrator.”
  • When a contact was assigned to another skill, dynamic objects assigned to the contact would disappear.
  • Calls scheduled on a website that used a Studio script to SPAWN the call at the scheduled time didn't always work. Sometimes the call would occur at the wrong time and sometimes it didn't occur at all.
Workforce Intelligence
Rules that remove skills didn't work if it left the agent without any assigned skills.

Spring Cumulative Update 2

These are the bugs and known issues that are fixed on this update.
The contacts/state-history call sometimes returned a 500 error.
  • Periodically, all agents in certain environments would have connection errors at the same time. 
  • When the force logout feature was used on an agent, the agent's session remained active if they didn't close the force logout notification.
Personal Connection
The Answering Machine override button appeared in the MAX interface when it was disabled in the skill CPA Management settings.
The asisodatetime function converted UTC time to Mountain Time instead of ISO.

Spring Cumulative Update 3

These are the bugs and known issues that are fixed on this update.
  • Custom priorities set on a chat skill were ignored when a chat was transferred to another skill.
  • Validating a business unit failed if another business unit had the same ID, regardless of whether it was active.
  • Work items with certain script elements would time out and not return to the queue. 
Agents were sometimes unable to see their chat response after sending it to the contact. 
Personal Connection
  • Uploading calling lists was sometimes delayed.
  • When Release Agent-Specific Calls was enabled for an skill and an agent had contacts assigned to them in that skill, the contacts weren't reassigned when the agent was removed from the skill.
In custom reports, some contacts didn't show a value for Contact End Reason. 
The SQLSelect action took the Default branch instead of the NoRecords branch when a database query produced no results. 
When a supervisor used the coaching feature and the agent hung up the phone, the supervisor couldn't reconnect to the agent leg without logging out of Supervisor and then logging back in.

Spring 2022 Cumulative Update 4

These are the bugs and known issues that are fixed on this update.
Changes to global cluster settings by Contact Center produced many duplicate event entries. 
  • The users bulk upload file showed a column called Digital Refusal Timeout that didn't do anything. 
  • In some environments, attempting to open Points of Contact resulted in a platform error. 
The text boxes and Play button in Settings > Integrated Softphone didn't display correctly. 
Personal Connection
Agents didn't receive contacts in some environments where both Omnichannel Session Handling and priority blending were enabled. 
Reporting & Dashboards
Custom report schedules timed out and had to be run manually instead.
  • The Sqlexec and Sqlclose actions always took the error branch, resulting in a Studio error code each time one of the actions ran. 
  • Sometimes when a script was uploaded via the API, the Menu branches disappeared. 

Spring 2022 Cumulative Update 5

These are the bugs and known issues that are fixed on this update.
Some callbacks didn't have a contact end reason. 
Accessing a user profile sometimes resulted in an error. 
Contact reports returned errors when campaigns were added. 
Data Streams
In environments where logging was enabled for both the database and Steam, customData wasn't being reported in the IVR logs. 
  • The Productivity report didn't show updated data when the start date changed.
  • When agents transferred by skill in the address book, they were able to see agents that their security profile restricted. The restricted agents appeared as "undefined" users under that skill.
Virtual Agent Hub
  • Bot provider intent didn't populate for the UserInputNotUnderstood or UserInputTimeout branches.

Spring 2022 Cumulative Update 6

  • When users downloaded the call suppression list or template in any language, they received the English list or template. 
  • When SIP calls went to an inactive point of contact, the response was 180 SIP ringing instead of a 403 error. 
  • When a user added all unavailable codes to a team that already had unavailable codes assigned to it, all unavailable codes were removed from the team. 
  • Rarely, IEX and the IEX_Queue_15min Data Download Report showed conflicting data for received calls. 
  • The address book showed the Team list even when the agent's role restricted access to all teams. 
  • MAX would sometimes associate inbound calls with the wrong skill. This only occurred when the IVR script called two ReqAgent actions in a very short time span. 
  • Sometimes users were logged out of RingCentral Contact Center long before the specified User Session Timeout
  • When users tried to save a script that used APIs to add or remove tags for a contact, Studio showed an error and closed. 
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