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Configuring administration settings in the RingCentral
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If you’re an administrator, you can make changes to your company account settings, including adding new users, managing file sharing, and more.

To configure your company account settings, navigate to Settings > Administration.

Configuring your company account settings

The Administrations page is separated by the following categories: Company settings, Data retention settings, Integration settings, and Message data export.

Company settings

  • Manage admins: View, add, and manage your company’s RingCentral app users.
  • Change company name: Change the company's name that appears in the top left corner of the RingCentral app.
  • Allow conversations with guests: Provides admins capabilities to control how company users interact with guests. Options include:
    • All users: Allow all admins and users to invite new guests.
    • Admins only: Allow only admins to invite new guests.
    • No one: Turn off all guest-related features.
  • Allow external guests to start conversations: Allows your company users to be invited by others outside your company.
  • Manage Giphy sharing: Determines if users can share GIFs from Giphy and, if so, what maximum rating you’d like to allow. Select No to disable Giphy sharing or one of the ratings (ranging between Max rating of G to All, including unrated) to enable Giphy sharing.

Data retention settings

  • Manage data retention policy: Determine the duration of time before messages get deleted. By default, all messages are kept forever, but data retention policies allow you to have messages automatically deleted after a certain period of time.
Note: Messages sent prior to setting your data retention policy will remain, no matter if it surpasses the duration of time set in Manage data retention policy. You will need to submit a support ticket to close those messages. 

Integrations settings

  • Manage file sharingControls which services may be used to share a file. When specific services are disabled, they are no longer available for selection in the various places you can upload files.

Manage data export

  • Enable message data export: Allows admins to export the history of their entire account or the history of a team or direct message conversation.
  • Access to exports: Manages who can export and download data exports.
  • Request export: Download data from the entire account or specific teams and users within a specified date range.
  • Export history: Displays export history.
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