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Release Notes > MVP Core > May 2021
Release Notes

RingCentral MVP Core | May 2021

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingCentral MVP Core.
Version 21.2
Release Date: May 6 through July 1
  • Company Call Handling Redesign
    • Route company calls to different touch points without having to go through a complex setup process.
  • Search for users by their email address
  • Simplified addition of users
    • Choose user types, add and enable users in a single step to enhance efficiency. 
  • Enterprise portal for federated accounts
    • Federated accounts management is an enterprise portal that allows administrators to provision, manage and search across multiple RingCentral account instances in a company.
  • Added Global Office countries; Greece, Estonia, Slovenia, and South Africa
  • Thailand dial plan
Phones and Devices
  • Yealink T33G for purchase in US, Canada, and UK
  • Poly Trio 8300 for purchase in US, Canada, and UK
    • Assisted Provisioning (for Germany & France)
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) for more Poly models (for US, Canada, and UK customers)
  • Redirection & Provisioning Service (RPS) for Yealink (for US, Canada, and UK customers)
  • Cisco 7821, 8811
    • Assisted provisioning only
Call Handling
Call queue remote member management
  • Administrators, call queue managers & call queue members now have two status controls to increase speed of answering incoming calls while improving call queue productivity
Version 21.2.1
Release Date: May 14 through July 9
  • Bug fixes
Version 21.2.2
Release Date: May 28 through July 20
Call Handling
Call queue pickup
  • Allows calls waiting in a call queue to be picked up by pickup group members after being notified of the exceeded ‘alert’ time.
Group call pickup
  • Group pickup users receive notification when someone is calling a group member and can answer each other’s calls from their own device.
Phones and Devices
Poly Trio 8300
  • Assisted provisioning is supported in France and Germany.
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