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Adding a room for RingCentral Rooms

Last updated on November 24, 2021
When you set up a new RingCentral Rooms conference room, you will want to create that room within RingCentral Admin Portal. This will ensure that your users can schedule a RingCentral Rooms meeting in the conference room set up with RingCentral Rooms. 
Note: Your company’s Office 365 corporate calendar and Google Calendar need to be set up in the RingCentral Admin Portal before you can proceed with adding a room. See Setting up RingCentral Rooms with Office 365 or Set up RingCentral Rooms with Google Calendar for more information.

Adding a room in RingCentral Admin Portal

  1. Log in to your RingCentral online account as an admin.
  2. Select Meetings from the top bar.
  3. Click Rooms, then select Rooms list
  4. Click Add Room at far right.
  5. Enter the Room name.
  6. Select a calendar service. For multi-tenant systems, such as Office 365, the calendar should auto-populate. You can just select the correct calendar for the room from the dropdown list. The calendar typically does not auto-populate for on-premise systems. In this case, type the calendar email address in the space provided.
  7. Select a calendar resource.
  8. Select a room type — RingCentral Rooms, Scheduling Display Only, or Digital Signage Only.
  9. If you have a multi-site setting, select a location.

Helpful hint!

Note: If you have multiple office locations, we recommend creating a Room name or naming convention that makes it easier to find and select the conference room when setting up your RingCentral Rooms devices. A typical naming convention consists of [Office Location] - [Conference Room Name]. For example: ‘SF - Ocean Beach,’ ‘DEN - Breckenridge.’
  1. Click Finish. To add another room, click Save & Add Another.
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