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A channel group is where a channel is located and includes two types: asynchronous and real-time. Asynchronous (Async) refers to messages that are not real time and do not require immediate responses, such as email messages. Real-time refers to real-time messages that require quick responses, such as live chat. 
You can view your channel groups at the bottom of the agent states dropdown menu in Routing mode.
Managing your channels groups will make you available for a certain channel group (asynchronous or real-time) and unavailable for other channels. This is helpful if you need to prioritize working on interactions for a specific channel.
For example, at the beginning of your shift, you might choose to prioritize real-time chats first by making yourself available only for real-time channels. You can choose to update your channel list later on to make yourself available for asynchronous interactions if you desire.

Managing channel groups

1. Navigate to Routing mode via the left-hand navigation bar.
2. Click on the agent states dropdown at the top right.
3. Select the green dot to the right of the channel group (Async or Realtime) to mark yourself as available for that channel.
Similarly, if you would like to make yourself unavailable for a channel group, simply select the red dot next to the channel group.

Note: If you mark yourself as unavailable for both asynchronous and real-time channels, your agent state will change to Away
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