Engage Voice | Using the Recording tools

Script Studio provides start and stop recording tools (Start Rec. and Stop Rec.) that can be used throughout a script to capture call recordings behind the scenes. Now, while the recording tools function ‘behind the scenes,’ remember that you can still create touchpoints within the script that allow agents to interact with these tools (e.g., via buttons, checkboxes, etc.). 
Here’s how to start and stop recording in a script:
1. Drag the Start Rec. tool from the toolbar onto the canvas and connect it just before the tool you wish to record
2. Drag the Stop Rec. tool from the toolbar onto the canvas and connect it immediately after the tool you wish to stop recording

Using custom JavaScript for recording

Please note that you can always use the custom JavaScript Scripting tab in any compatible element to trigger a recording’s beginning and end, and you can choose whether to keep that recording a background process or tie it to an agent interaction. Just add startRecording() or  stopRecording() to any compatible element’s JavaScript editor and choose whether to run the script on Focus, Blur, Click, or Change
Please note that you can only have one trigger per element. If you choose to use custom JavaScript to stop and start recording, and you wish to tie the trigger to an agent interaction, you might want to try assigning each function to its own element, like a button, so the agent can stop and start the recording manually.
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