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Release Notes > RingCX > December 2023
Release Notes

RingCX | December 2023

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingCX.
Version 23.4.3
Release Date: December 2023

What’s New

This is the December Release Note Summary.

RingCentral may update these Release Notes to document additional resolved and known issues. 

December Release Notes summary

Engage Analytics

New features

  • International phone number (e.g. E.164) support
  • RingCX rebranding support



  • Hourly Inbound Statistics: Replaced Hourly Inbound Statistics based on segments with Hourly Inbound Interaction Statistics based on interactions



  • Hourly Inbound Interaction Statistics: Table that shows the details of inbound interaction details per hour
  • Inbound Interactions Overview report: We added new metrics:
    • Average Queue Interaction Abandon Time
    • Average Queue Interaction Handle Time
    • Average Queue Interaction Time
    • Average Talk Interaction Time
    • Average Wrap Interaction Time
    • Average Handle Interaction Time
  • Inbound Queue Overview report: Table that shows inbound interaction details for their respective channels, queues, and queue groups



  • Voice Agent Progressive Dialing Utilization: New Voice Agent Progressive Dial Utilization metric that considers some delay for agent preview
  • Voice Agent Progressive Dialing Preview Time: Time Agent spent in preview state (3 sec per interaction)
  • Voice Agent Transition Time: Total time Agent spent in the transition state
  • Queue Inbound Accepted Interaction: Calculates "Queue Inbound Abandoned" based on interactions rather than segments
  • Successful Interaction: A number of interactions with a set of agent dispositions configured as "success"
  • Avg Queue Interaction Abandon Time: Average time per interaction a contact waited in a queue before hanging up
  • Avg Queue Interaction Handle Time: Average time per inbound interaction being waiting in one queue
  • Avg Queue Interaction Time: Average time per interaction inbound call spent waiting in one queue
  • Avg Talk Interaction Time: Average time per interaction contacts spent being connected to an agent or IVR
  • Avg Wrap Interaction Time: Average time per interaction taken by an agent to submit the interaction's dispositions after an interaction is disconnected
  • Avg Handle Interaction Time: Average time per interaction it took an agent to handle the interaction.
  • Digital Agent Login Utilization Trend: Trend of Digital Agent Login Utilization
  • Voice Agent Login Utilization Trend: Trend of Voice Agent Login Utilization



  • Term Reason and Term Party (Legacy): Callouts next to these attributes to indicate they’re legacy and being replaced by Termination Reason
  • Account Type: Account classification attribute reserved for internal use to identify whether it is External or Internal
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