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A meeting ID is a nine-digit number (for RingEX account users) or 12-digit number (for RingCentral Video Pro and Pro+ users) if you’re using RingCentral Video or a 10-digit number if you’re using RingCentral Meetings as your video service.You can give the code to meeting participants who aren’t in your contacts list.
You can customize your meeting ID via the Personal Meeting ID settings. To learn more about locating and customizing your Personal Meeting ID, visit Using your Personal Meeting ID in the RingCentral mobile app.

Locating your meeting ID before a meeting

1. Navigate to the Video tab.
2. Locate the meeting you want and tap on the three-dot icon on the right of meeting name.
3. Tap View meeting details
Locating your meeting ID before a meeting
4. Tap Description.

Locating your meeting ID during an ongoing meeting

During an ongoing meeting, you can view the meeting ID by tapping on the meeting screen and then tap the circle with the letter ‘i’ icon at the top part of the screen.
Locating your meeting ID during an ongoing meeting
Once tapped, the meeting details will appear at the bottom part of the screen, including the meeting ID.
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