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Intro to RingCentral Rooms

Last updated on December 01, 2021

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RingCentral Rooms offers a convenient way to start, join, and control RingCentral Video meetings in a conference room from an iPad, Android tablet, or Poly controller. Use RingCentral Rooms to start or join RingCentral Video meetings which are initiated from different devices. RingCentral Rooms supports up to 200 participants in a single meeting.
Note: RingCentral Rooms is powered by RingCentral Video and is different from RingCentral Meetings Rooms.

Key features

  • HD: High definition video and audio.
  • One-touch join: Join rooms meetings easily and seamlessly.
  • Direct share: Share content from a laptop screen wirelessly.
  • Calendar integration: Join meetings scheduled on a preferred calendar.
  • Collaborative capabilities: Invite participants to join rooms meetings using the controller.
  • Voice command: Join meetings by voice command.
  • Screen dimming: Rooms app screen dims after five minutes of inactivity. Rooms will automatically be woken up 30 minutes before the next meeting or by manually tapping the controller.

Requirements for RingCentral Rooms

RingCentral Rooms requires a host and a controller device. The host device is connected to a screen, acting as the central location for the meeting. The host screen displays the meeting content and all the outside participants’ individual screens. 
The controller device is a tablet or mobile device, and it holds all the settings options for the room, meetings, and peripheral devices, acting as a controller for the room. 
The host and controller device, both connected to the internet, are paired together with a pairing code, so one controller is connected to a single host device and controls only the room it is paired with.
Peripheral devices such as microphones, speakers, and cameras can be connected according to need. Learn more about our recommended setups here
Check out RingCentral Rooms system requirements to see if you have the right system to support RingCentral Rooms.

Analytics for RingCentral Rooms

Rooms Analytics provides a single pane view into the quality of meetings and devices held in each room. This feature enables admins to verify and understand the room meeting and equipment status without user reports. Admins can also have access to real-time insights, historical trends, and Rooms health warnings. Rooms Analytics is accessible to admins or users with admin permissions from the RingCentral online account, and then clicking on Reports > Analytics.
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