Promoting and demoting panelists to cohost

Last updated on March 15, 2022
Webinar hosts and cohosts can promote and demote panelists as cohosts. Panelists will have the same in-webinar controls as hosts and cohosts when promoted. Panelists will lose their cohost controls when demoted.
  1. During a webinar, click Participants.
  2. Hover on the panelist’s name that you want to promote as cohost and click the More icon. 
  3. Select Promote to cohost.
    The panelist will see a message prompt that they have been promoted to cohost and then have a crown icon on their profile when promoted.

    Note: The host or cohost cannot promote attendees using the RingCentral app mobile and RingCentral Rooms from panelist to cohost.
Promote panelist to cohost
  1. To demote, hover on the cohost's name and click Demote to panelist.
    The cohost will see a message that they have been demoted to panelist and lose cohost controls. The crown icon on the cohost’s profile will also disappear.
Demote cohost back to panelist
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