Sharing or presenting your screen

Last updated on March 15, 2022
Hosts and cohosts can present or share their screens during a webinar. This feature brings the ease of sharing content with your panelists and attendees during a webinar. 
  1. Click the Share button on the bottom menu. 
  2. Choose to share your Entire Screen, Window, or a Chrome Tab (if using the web browser).
  3. Click Share.
    The view shown on the share screen will also reflect on the panelists’ and on the attendees’ view.
Share screen options
  1. You will see a small window with the options to Stop or Annotate. Annotations are currently only viewable for hosts, cohosts, and panelists in the webinar.
    • Click the Stop Share button on the bottom to stop annotating.
Share screen annotate
  1. Click the Stop Share button on the bottom menu or click Stop on the small window to stop sharing.
    • You can also stop sharing while on the annotation screen.
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