Managing virtual backgrounds and presentations

Last updated on March 15, 2022

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The virtual background feature in RingCentral Webinar allows the hosts, cohosts, and panelists to use a pre-selected background video, image, or GIF. You can set this up during your prep session.

Using virtual background

  1. During your prep session, click the More > Virtual background.
Virtual background button from More
  1. Select your preferred background image. You can select from a blurred background, preset images, or video. You can click the plus button to upload an image, video, or GIF.
Select a virtual background
  1. You can tick the checkboxes for options under Virtual background settings:
    • Mirror my video: Checking the box will put your appearance in mirror mode. You will see yourself as you do in a mirror. Attendees will see you unmirrored. When this is on, text and images shown in your video will look right to others, even if they look backwards to you. 
    • Improve my appearance with the virtual background: Checking the box will improve your appearance with your chosen background. Your video will automatically tune video brightness to better correspond to your selected background and make you appear more realistically inside the virtual background scene. This setting will not be available if you are using a green or blue screen.
  2. Click on Green or Blue if you have a solid background behind you. You can also adjust the Color similarity as necessary.
Virtual background settings

Configuring presentation mode

  1. During your prep session, click More > Presentation mode.
Presentation mode button from More
  1. Select from the different presentation modes.
    1. Overlay: Allows you to show your camera while using your presentation as the background. You can adjust the transparency of your video to make sure you’re not covering up any important information.
    2. Glassboard: Makes it look like you’re behind your presentation by making your video transparent through primarily white or black colors in your presentation. Glassboard mode works with online white-boarding tools such as Miro or any presentation of consistent color (either mostly white or mostly dark).
    3. Newsroom: Designed to give you the most presentation real estate while keeping your video to the side and ensuring it doesn’t overlap with your presentation.
    4. Conference room: Gives your presentation a more immersive feeling, like you’re in an actual conference room.
Presentation mode settings
  1. If you’ve selected one of the presentation modes, click on Green or Blue if you have a solid background behind you. You can also adjust the Color similarity as necessary.
Green or blue screen
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