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Release Notes > MVP Core > May 2019
Release Notes

RingCentral MVP Core | May 2019

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingCentral MVP Core.
Version 19.2
Release Date: May through June
  • Additional data points about network type, CPU, and RAM for calls made from the RingCentral mobile app will now be available within the Analytics Portal.
Reorganized tools menu
  • The tools menu within our Admin Portal has been reorganized to be more intuitive and make it easier for both admins and users to find what they’re looking for. 
Call Handling
  • In the case of an internet outage, RingCentral Persist will allow users to still make calls and access emergency services.
  • Administrators now have more flexibility when configuring call queue settings to give agents more context on incoming calls. Options include the ability to assign names to each direct number associated with a call queue and customize which information is displayed across hard phones and softphones.
Global Office
  • Calls to and from Puerto Rico will now be treated the same as calls to and from the US. If you’re inside the US, calls to Puerto Rico are now included in your unlimited US calling minutes. 
  • We now have new phone numbers available in Israel for Global Office, helping your company further expand its presence. 
  • The Polycom Trio 8500, which is cost-effective and ideal for small to mid-sized conference or huddle rooms,  is now available for Global Office.
  • For Ultimate edition customers, you can now preview your voicemails in Canadian French and Australian English from any device.
Phones and Devices
Support for local area dialing
  • Local area dialing is now supported for Mexico, Australia and China, helping streamline outbound calling experience for users as prefix area code is no longer needed.
Enhanced sign-in
  • Unless specified otherwise, users will stay signed into the app by default, even in the event of a reboot, helping to reduce missed calls or notifications.
Navigation update
  • As we continue to bring capabilities into the new unified RingCentral app, we are removing the RingCentral Meetings icon from the bottom navigation of the RingCentral Phone desktop and mobile apps.
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