Using existing RingCentral Meetings Webinar licenses with RingCentral Webinar

Last updated on May 13, 2022
Migrating from RingCentral Meetings to RingCentral Video is easy with Global Dual Mode, which allows admins to control user access to both products.
If you have previously purchased a RingCentral Meetings Webinar license, each license entitles you to one RingCentral Webinar license at no extra charge. You can also reassign an existing RingCentral Meeting Webinar license to another user.
Note: RingCentral Video licenses and their assignments will be copied from existing RingCentral Meetings licenses. Any add-on licenses that are currently available only to RingCentral Meetings will be noted in the RingCentral Admin Portal by viewing them via Users > Users with Extensions.

Using Global Dual Mode

Your users can access RingCentral Webinar by setting their video provider to RingCentral Video. You can also grant them permission to switch video providers via the RingCentral app.
  1. Go to the Admin Portal and sign in. 
  2. Click Meetings from the top menu. 
  3. Select Video Service.
  4. Allow access to RingCentral Video or Meetings as needed for each user:
    1. Turn on the Allow to Switch toggle at the far right to allow users to switch between both products.
    2. Check the box next to each user or check the box next to Name in the table header to bulk select each user. Click one of the settings above the table: Switch to RingCentral Video, Switch to RingCentral Meetings, Allow to Switch, or Disallow to Switch.
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