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The format you select for the exported file affects the appearance of the data in the report. This section discusses the file formats and the associated CSV charset (code character set) encoding for each format.
The following table shows the encoding by format:
Format Encoding
Byte-order mark
Strip line breaks ISO 8601 date & datetime format CSV column separators
false false true  ,
Excel Window UTF-8 true  false false
en ,
fr ;


Depending on the locale (language) configured in your user account and the export format, the CSV export displays with a different format or separator. The purpose is to be compatible with the Microsoft Excel expectation that depends on the locale. Note that BI has a specific format for certain columns for easier processing by computers. Otherwise, it falls back to an English language format.
The following table shows the column types that are locale dependent:
Column type / format BI
Windows EN
Windows FR Mac EN Mac FR
1 / 0
true / false vrai / faux true / false vrai / faux
Date 2013-09-24 09-24-2013 24/09/2013 09-24-2013 24/09/2013
Datetime 2013-09-24T19:00+00:02 09-24-2013 19:00 24/09/2013 19:00 09-24-2013 19:00 24/09/2013 19:00
Float 12.8 12.8 12,8 12.8 12,8

Column types available in exports

Your exports will contain a variety of data from different data types. 
The following table lists all the column types available in exports.
Type Example
My Facebook Page, My Twitter Page
Represents a collection of elements, such as string or objectId
Boolean true
A boolean that can have the following values:
Excel  : ‘true’ / ‘false’ or ‘vrai’ / ‘faux’
BI : 1 / 0
Date 24/09/2013
The Date format changes depending on your language and the format you choose.
Excel :
fr : "%d/%m/%Y" 24/09/2013
en : "%m-%d-%Y" 09-24-2013
BI :  "%Y-%m-%d" 2013-09-24 ISO8601
Datetime 24/09/2013 19:00
Represents an instant in time, typically expressed as a date and time of day.
Format changes depending on your language
Excel :fr : "%d/%m/%Y %H:%M" 24/09/2013 19:00
en : "%m-%d-%Y %H:%M" 09-24-2013 19:00
BI :  "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M%z" 2013-09-24T19:00+00:02
Integer 12 A number that can be written without a fractional or decimal component
ObjectId 523ffffb7aa58d1b6700000f A unique 12-byte BSON type identifier
String “my Facebook Post title”  
Text “Hi, I cannot make phone calls using my new SIM card. Can you help me?”  
Float 12,5
Represents a number with decimal component.The separator depend on your language:
Excel :fr : ,en : .
BI : .
Note: Excel has limits for cells and titles. A cell should not exceed 32767 characters and a title 255 characters.

Datetime and time zones

The datetime fields in exports are displayed in the user’s timezone. If the user has no time zone specified in his or her profile, the domain global time zone is used. You can specify a user's timezone by navigating to Users > Agents in the left navigation bar, and editing the Timezone field in the Settings section for the user.
Note : This does not apply for automated exports, which will use BIformat.

Example export file

The following is an example of an export file:
01/10/2020 08:35;523ffe057aa58d181f0000de;Tapatalk;LesMobiles;524a6db90f4ca18aec00002c;Réponse publique;524a6db90f4ca18aec00002b;Non;synchronizer;Nouveau;"";Commercial Centre de tri;"";"";"";524a6db90f4ca18aec00002a;scarcore;Bonjour
01/10/2020 09:19;523ffe057aa58d181f0000de;Tapatalk;LesMobiles;524a6db90f4ca18aec00002c;Réponse publique;524a77730f4ca1bdba000042;Non;synchronizer;Nouveau;"";Commercial Centre de tri;"";"";"";52413bcd7aa58dcb570000b5;Paglopp;Bonjour Pour la batterie : [url=http://esimport.fr/iphone-4s/257-batterie-iphone-4s-.html]http://esimport.fr/iphone-4s/257-batter ... e-4s-.html[/url] Pour remplacement de la batterie sur un iphone 4S : [url=http://esimport.fr/tuto/tutos-iphone/tutos-iphone4s/iphone-4s-%E2%80%93-demontage-batterie/]http://esimport.fr/tuto/tutos-iphone/tu ... -batterie/[/url];"";872905;iPhone 4/4S
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