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Release Notes

June 2024 Release Highlights

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RingEX Core

Release dates: June 5 to 26, 2024


  • Company Call Log Saved Searches: Company call log administrators can now save frequently used search and filter settings so finding desired call records is faster and easier. Saved search and filter settings can also be applied when downloading or scheduling the delivery of call log records so the data included in the file is specific to your needs
  • Assign and reassign in Bulk using Excel file: The management options for add-on licenses are enhanced with additional capabilities: bulk license assignment via file and license reassignment from one user to another
  • Standardize User License Agreement: Management of add-on licenses such as Large Meetings, Webinars, Push to Talk, etc is now centralized on "Licenses & Inventory" page, which has also received a refreshed interface

Call Handling

  • Call Rule Enhancements for User Extensions: The new call rule service for User extensions introduces new capabilities that address long standing customer and community requests: 
    • Ring desktop and mobile apps independently
    • Ring desktop and mobile apps in any order
    • Ring a coworker extension when you receive an incoming call
    • Customize how calls are routed while in DND
    • Create custom ring sequences that go beyond sequential or simultaneous
  • SMS Registration: Customers who need to send/receive SMS to/from US/CA phone numbers must complete wireless-carrier registration. Registration process is automated to make it easier than ever before


  • With the introduction of BYOC in Türkiye, customers in any direct sales country can purchase BYOC licenses for their users in Türkiye as per BYOC guardrails
  • New devices supported (merchandisable):
  • Poly Rove 20 B1, Edge EM for 450/500/550 for RC brand - Available for all global countries
  • New BYOD with assisted provisioning (non-merchandisable):
    • Unify CP410; SNOM 715, 725, D717, D735, D765, D785 - Available for all global countries
    • Mitel 6863, 6865, 6867, 6869, 6873, 6905, 6910, 6970, 480, 480g, 485g; M695 EM for 6920, 6930, 6940, 6920w, 6930w, 6940w - Available for DT-Unify brand (already available for all RC and Unify brands)

Partner Specific

  • Enable Use of Prefix/Number Range or the directory for Cloud Connector: Admins will now have the ability to configure range and or prefix to route calls to an external PBX. This is available in service web when the Cloud Connector feature is turned on. In the directory integration tab both configurations will be available
  • Live Transcriptions/Closed Captions in Italian, Portuguese, and French: We have added support for Italian, Portuguese & French languages when using closed captions or live transcriptions service
  • Phone Number Masking & Location Data Controls: Admins now have the ability to mask external phone numbers and location based data displayed within the service web “Company Call Logs” and “Analytics” portal
  • UK ERL Address Form Updates: Updated UK Emergency Response Location address format

RingCentral Rooms

Version 24.2.30, Android/Windows (Release date: June 17, 2024)

  • Turn audio for digital signage on or off: Admins can now turn audio for digital signage on or off in the Admin Portal. When audio is muted, visual content will display without sound.

RingCentral Phone Firmware

Q2 2024

Please refer to tables below for release notes for firmware updates for specific phone models.

* Dates subject to change.

Mitel Phones

Vendor Model Firmware version Release Notes Start firmware rollout * Firmware rollout completed *




6940W Release Notes

June 3, 2024

June 17, 2024




IP480 Mitel IPxx Release Notes June 3, 2024 June 17, 2024

Poly Phones

Vendor Model Firmware version Release Notes Start firmware rollout * Firmware rollout completed *


Rove 30

Rove 40

Rove B2 base station


Poly-Rove-DECT-8-0-7 Release Notes

June 3, 2024

June 17, 2024

RingCentral Events

Release date: June 11, 2024

  • LinkedIn community builder integration: Grow your event community, increase brand awareness, and convert attendees to followers with our LinkedIn community builder integration, found on the Registration Page of an event. When enabled, you can connect both of your LinkedIn company and event community pages to your event for your attendees to follow upon sign up.
  • Upload custom form field answers via CSV: Organizers can now upload custom form field answers in bulk for each attendee via CSV files. This is especially important for organizers who collect more data during registration that are then shared with exhibitors / printed onto badges. Note: Custom form fields need to be created before uploading.
  • Registration improvements: We’ve made various enhancements to simplify and improve the registration experience for organizers. These include the following scenarios:
  • Change free ticket types from Organizer App: Effortlessly change attendee ticket types on the spot without logging into the Organizer dashboard. Ensuring that your event runs smoothly by keeping areas exclusive for specific ticket types, and seamlessly upgrade free ticket types in seconds.
  • Free Trials: Free Trial plans will allow customers to create and preview unlimited events to test the platform before buying. Customers will need to upgrade to a paid plan to publish and host the event.
    • Customers currently on existing Free plans or with expiring plans will be transitioned to this new Free Trial plan
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