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Release Notes

RingCentral Engage Digital | March 2020

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingCentral Engage Digital.
Release Date: March 2020
What's New
This article lists the updates for the RingCentral Engage Digital release for March 2020.
  • Co-browsing → Get on the same page as your customers–literally.
Save your customers from the frustration of describing what they see on their screens. Agents can quickly view the issues using co-browsing. Contact your account manager to enable this feature.
Key features:
  • Start a co-browsing session with a visitor on your website in one-click
  • No installation needed for your visitors
  • View what the visitor is seeing in real-time for better guidance
  • Visitor authorization
  • Agents can take control of the visitor’s cursor
Co-browsing screenshot
  • SMS and MMS support in North America
For North American businesses, RingCentral now supports text messages via SMS and MMS for US and Canada and will continue to support 3rd party solutions, Nexmo, for international regions outside of North America.
  • Structured messages in live chat
Now, you can connect a bot source to create beautifully structured messages. Similar to an interactive voice response (IVR), you can provide customers with a way to identify and qualify their requests in order to get routed to the right person.
4 types of structured messages:
  • Quick reply: Suggested responses in button format
  • Rich links: Includes a URL, image, title, and description
  • Template message: Includes a URL, image, title, and description with buttons
  • Carousels: Swipeable rich messages ideal for showing a selection of products
Example of Quick reply
Quick Reply example screenshot
Example of Carousel
Carousel example screenshot
  • Routing rules → assign tasks to free agents
Automatically route messages to the agent with the fewest tasks. If two agents have the same number of current tasks, any new incoming request will be assigned to the agent who accepted their last task the longest time ago.
  • Agent A: no task in progress, last task assigned at 10:45 am
  • Agent B: no task in progress, a previous task assigned at 10:30 am
The new task will be assigned to Agent B, who had the longest period of availability.
This routing makes it possible to provide an equal distribution of tasks in the event of agent availability. This functionality is only available upon request at the moment and will be deployed for everyone on March 11, 2020. Contact your account manager to activate this functionality.
  • Reporting and Supervision tools 
You can now track Average Handling Time (AHT) on tasks as well as interventions now. Plus, the “Availability per agent” now lets you filter by channel to view availability, occupancy and production.
For example, an Agent connected from 10:00 to 11:00 on live-chat and from 10:00 to 12:00 on social networks shows:
  • 1 hour of production on live-chat
  • 2 hours of production on social networks
  • 2 hours of multi-channel production
Plus, in the supervision by agent view, you can now select a category to filter the agents having this category in their profile.
Supervision by agent view screenshot
  • Updated Product terminology changes for more consistency
  • ICE → AI Classification Engine
  • Journal → Audit log
You may have noticed that familiar terms were changed recently. This name change ensures consistency across the product. We appreciate your understanding.
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