Engage Digital | Escalating a message to a video call

When messaging a customer, Escalate to Video allows you to invite the customer to join a video call using RingCentral Video. You can access this feature while engaged with a customer by clicking on the customer message then clicking Escalate to Video.

You can escalate to a video call when working an interaction in a chat view (for chat channels such as Engage Messaging, or Facebook Messenger) or in a block view (for non-chat channels such as email or Twitter). You must have the Use Escalate to Video permission. 

Escalating to video in the Inbox or Routing mode

1. Navigate to the Inbox or Routing mode via the left-hand navigation bar.
2. When working in a block (non-chat) view:

a. Hover over the message you want to escalate to video.

b. Click on the More icon that appears. Click Escalate to Video.

3. When working in a chat view: 

a. Open the message or interaction which you want to escalate to video. 

b. In the message editor, click the Escalate to Video camera icon.

4. In the Escalate to Video window, click Send invitation.
View of the Escalate to Video window
5. Select Open RingCentral or Join using your browser.
6. Make sure that the customer joins by clicking the invitation link in the channel.
7. If requested by the customer, you can click Record to create a recording of the video meeting.
8. When you complete your video call, click Leave to end the call.
For more information on hosting video calls see the RingCentral Video documentation.
Once the call ends, you can return to Engage Digital to complete processing the message.

Accessing a recording of a RingCentral Video meeting

If the agent received permission from the customer and made a recording of the RingCentral Video meeting, that recording will be available one hour after the meeting is completed. You can locate the recording either in the audit log on the message thread or in the Engage Digital audit log. When the recording is available, an entry is added to the message activity log. The recording will be available to the agent who hosted the meeting.
1. If accessing the recording from the message thread:

a. Select View audit log from the message action items.

2. If accessing the recording from the Engage Digital audit log:

a. Click Admin in the main menu. 

b. Navigate to Settings > Audit log via the left-hand navigation bar.

3. Locate an entry in the audit log similar to ‘The recording on the thread [title] is received.’
4. Expand the log entry for the recording.
5. Click on the recording URL to open the recording to play or download it.
View of Audit log
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