Engage Voice | Configuring routing rules

As discussed in Intro to routing rules, routing rules determine how messages are routed to agents. Routing rules must have a set of channels, categories, and languages so that it can route the message to an appropriate digital queue. 
Please note that you must configure your channels, categories, and languages in the Digital Admin first before you can create a routing rule in Voice Admin.

Creating a new routing rule

Remember that you can create rules with similar names, but you can’t create rules that have identical configurations. Let’s say you want to have two routing rules named ‘Facebook.’ The system will only allow that if at least one of their channels, languages, or skill categories are different. 
Keeping that in mind, creating a routing rule is quick and easy. Follow these steps to create a routing rule:
1. Navigate to Routing > Digital queues and skills via the left-hand navigation bar
2. Select a queue in which you’d like to configure your routing rules 
3. Navigate to the Routing Rules configuration panel in your queue’s configuration panel
4. Click on the New rule plus icon to open the New rule modal window 
5. Choose a name for your routing rule
6. Select one or more channel from the Channels dropdown menu
7. Select one or more language form the Languages dropdown menu
8. Select one or more skill category from the Skill categories dropdown menu 
9. Click on Continue at bottom right to save and close
View of new routing rule modal window
Here are the settings you’ll encounter in the New rule modal window:
  • Name: The name you’ll be assigning to the routing rule
  • Channels: The different digital channels that are managed within the platform, such as Twitter, Facebook, email, or web chat
  • Languages: The language of the message from a channel
  • Skill categories: Labels assigned to messages where messages are routed by agent skill

Managing a routing rule

When you create a routing rule, you’ll see it listed in a table under the Routing rules page in the queue to which you’ve added it. You can edit the routing rule by simply clicking on it, or you can hover your mouse over to the far right of the routing rule’s name and click on the More icon, then select Edit in the popup. Editing a routing rule is similar to when you create it, meaning the Edit rule modal window has the same elements as the New rule modal window. 

You can also clone or delete a rule by selecting Clone or Delete respectively from the More menu popup.
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