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As discussed in Intro to digital routing, routing priorities is where you can find routing rules for all digital queues across all your accounts. If there is more than one queue a message could be routed to, routing priorities can be used to determine where a message should be routed first — i.e., the routing rule with the highest priority.
Routing priorities are not determined by administrators but are instead based on logic determined at the system’s back end. However, there are two guiding principles the system uses to determine which rules are prioritized over others.
1. Rules will take priority when they have fewer channels, languages, and categories 
2. Newer priority rules will take priority over older rules

Components of routing rules

When you have configured routing rules in your digital queues, you’ll be able to see said routing rules in the Routing priority page. You can find routing priorities by navigating to Routing > Routing priority via the left-hand navigation bar. 
Routing rules from different digital queues will be listed in a table with the following column headers:
  • Priority: A routing rule’s rank, where ‘1’ is the highest priority
  • Name: Name of the routing rule
  • Channels: Different digital channels that are managed within the platform, such as Twitter, Facebook, email, or web chat
  • Languages: The language of the message from a channel
  • Skill categories: Labels assigned to messages where messages are routed by agent skill
  • Queue assignment: Queue where the routing rule is assigned to
You can also rearrange routing rules when you click on the up and down arrowheads next to the Priority, Name, or Queue assignment headers. The first click will rearrange the table in ascending order, the second click will rearrange the table in descending order, and the third click will rearrange the table back to default. The default arrangement is routing rule priority in ascending order. Please note that arranging the contents of the table is only visual and does not affect their priority. 
You’ll also see a search bar at the top where you can type in the name, channel, language, skill category, or queue assignment of a routing rule you are looking for. The search bar also has a Filters icon where, when clicked, you can specify in dropdown menus which channels, languages, and skill categories you want by which you want to filter the routing rules. 

Next to the search bar is the Show current account only toggle switch. Turn it on to show only routing rules for the account in which you’re working.
View of routing priority page
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