Engage Voice | Intro to chat widgets

Chat widgets are configured to allow you to customize and control the presentation and functionality of widgets as you integrate them into your website to support your customers. This feature allows you to direct the chat sessions that you receive through your website to a digital queue in Engage. 
You can configure a variety of settings for your chat widget such as general appearance, and control of chat behavior such as how the widget is positioned and launched. You can specify different behavior for the widget based on whether your digital queue is open or closed (per your business hours). Based on your configuration, your customers will know whether your agents are available to chat.
One of the most powerful features is the ability to add custom elements to the widget, such as text input boxes, checkboxes, selection lists, or radio buttons. You can use these elements to gather information to help agents identify customers or issues.

Integrating a chat widget into your website

Once you have configured a chat widget, you’ll need to assign it to your digital queue in the Widget Assignment configuration page. This assignment will allow you to have the chat sessions from the chat widget on your website be handled by a particular digital queue, and routed to a specific agent. 

Once you assign a chat widget to a queue, you can generate a block of code you can use to integrate the chat widget into your website in the Embeddable Code Snippet box on the Widget Assignment configuration page. You can copy this code and paste it into your webpage HTML code, and then test that code in an HTML browser.
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