Engage Voice | Creating a digital queue

As we discussed in Intro to digital routing, digital queues are grouped within queue groups and act as the location to which messages are routed. You can create digital queues to accept digital interactions from different channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, email, and web chat. To determine where and how digital interactions are routed, you can configure digital queue priority rules. With routing rules, you can prioritize which queues will receive which types of messages. 
You can also configure settings like Queue Events to decide what customers will experience while they’re waiting for a response, from a canned message they’ll receive when they send their first message, to the agent the system will route them to that is best equipped to handle their needs.

Creating digital queues

Now that you’ve created your digital queue groups and added agent skills to those groups, you can create your inbound queues.
To create a new inbound queue, take the following steps:
1. Select Routing > Digital queues & skills via the left-hand navigation bar
2. Hover your mouse over the digital queue group under which you’d like to create a queue and select the New queue plus button that appears at far right
3. Name your queue via the Digital queue name field (required)
4. Configure any remaining queue settings on that page as needed (we’ll discuss these settings in more detail below)
5. Click the Save button at bottom right to save your changes

Digital queue configuration options

Now that we’ve reviewed the basics of creating a queue, let’s review the different options you can configure for your digital queue. The system offers a variety of options to help you configure digital queues that suit your needs. You can find these settings in the queue’s left configuration panel. Let’s review all your available queue configuration options below:
  • General: General settings for your queue, like the queue priority, call recording settings, audio settings, and more
  • Business Hours: Schedule your daily digital queue opened and closed business hours
  • Queue Events: Configure the experience of the customer while they wait for an agent response, such as the canned message they’ll receive once they first send a message
  • Dispositions: Configure digital queue agent dispositions 
  • Agent Access: Assign agents to your queue
  • Number Assignment: Assign a queue-specific DNIS number 
  • Routing Rules: Determine the types of messages to which you’d like to route to this queue. You can determine which messages will route to the queue based on the channel, language, or category of the message
  • Requeue Shortcuts: Create shortcuts your agents can use to place customers in another queue
  • Widget Assignment: Assign the chat widget you’d like to connect to this queue. This will ensure that when a customer types a message in the specified chat widget, those messages will route to the queue associated with that widget
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