Engage Voice | Intro to digital routing dispositions

Dispositions are labels used to document, track, and report on the outcomes of a digital interaction. There are two types of dispositions you can use to track the outcomes of your digital interactions: system dispositions and agent dispositions. While dispositions are also used for voice calls, this article will focus on digital interactions.
System dispositions are determined by the system and provide technical information on the digital interaction itself, including whether a message was received and whether a live person engaged with the digital interaction. System dispositions can only be viewed by admins — they are not accessible via the agent UI. At this time, there are no system dispositions available for digital interactions.
Agent dispositions, on the other hand, are created by admins and used to track more subjective information on digital interaction outcomes — for example, whether or not a digital interaction resulted in a sale. When you add a disposition to a digital queue, it becomes available to agents for selection during (and/or after) a digital interaction. 
You can track both system and agent dispositions via API or through reporting and analytics tools, and you can use those results to aid in business decisions and optimization strategies.

Disposition types

As discussed earlier, there are two types of dispositions: system dispositions and agent dispositions. Let’s review each type of disposition in more detail below, beginning with system dispositions.

System dispositions

System dispositions are labels determined by the system that indicate the status of an interaction. At this time, there are no system dispositions available for digital interactions. 
Let’s review agent dispositions next.

Agent dispositions

Agent dispositions are labels that you can configure for agents to choose from during (or after) a call or chat. Agents can use them to record information about the calls/chats they’ve been making (and taking). 
You can find and create new agent dispositions via the Dispositions tab in the configuration panel at the digital queue level. When configuring agent dispositions, we recommend you consider all possible digital interaction results you might want to track and analyze and be sure to create an appropriate disposition for each possible scenario.
In addition to using agent dispositions for recording information surrounding customer interactions, agent dispositions can also be used to trigger specific system actions once an agent submits a disposition while handling a digital interaction. For example, you can configure dispositions to requeue digital interactions, trigger email notifications, and fire off web services.
To learn more about all your disposition configuration options, check out Managing digital routing dispositions.
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