Engage Voice | How to add and connect nodes

Now that you know the basics on IVR Studio, let’s discuss how you can use nodes to build your IVR call flows. 
You can configure your IVR however you like, but every IVR begins the same way –– with the Start node. You can position the Start node anywhere you like on the background, then begin dragging and dropping additional nodes from the palette onto the background.
As you drag and drop nodes onto the background, you can begin connecting them to create your call flow. To connect your nodes, just click on the plus icon in the upper right-hand corner of the node. Then drag and release the arrow anywhere inside whichever node you wish to activate next in the IVR call flow.
View of connecting nodes

Creating a looping arrow

Some nodes such as the Get Input node allow for connector arrows that loop back to themselves. This might be useful, for example, if you want the IVR to prompt a caller for input but you also want to include an option for the IVR to repeat the prompt. 
If you want an arrow to loop back, click on the plus icon and drag the arrow anywhere inside the same node before releasing. This will create an arrow that loops back and connects to itself.
View of creating a looping arrow

Disconnecting IVR Studio nodes

If you want to delete a connector arrow, click on it and then hit Delete on your keyboard. On a laptop keyboard, you may need to select the node and use Fn + Delete. A modal window titled Confirm Delete will ask you to choose Cancel or OK. This method works for arrows that connect to different nodes and for looping arrows that connect to the same node. 
Another way to delete an arrow is to hover your cursor over the point of the arrow where it connects to the following node. Click (and hold) the arrow and drag it out of the node it is connected to — then release it. The arrow should immediately disappear and you will not be asked to confirm your decision. Please note that this method for deleting arrows cannot be used for looping arrows.

Configuring IVR Studio node properties

As you start connecting nodes, you’ll notice that a question mark inside a circle appears on some arrows. The question mark indicates that you have connection properties available for configuration. To open those connection properties, double-click anywhere on the circle.
To enter a node’s configuration properties, hover over a node so that the popup menu appears above. Then select Edit. This will pull up a modal window with the properties you can configure for that node. Please note that not all nodes have configuration properties. If there are no configuration properties, the option to edit will not appear. 

Deleting nodes

You can delete a node from the background at any point. Once you decide you no longer need a node, hover over the node so the popup menu appears above and select Remove. You can also select the node and click Delete on your keyboard. On a laptop keyboard, you may need to select the node and use Fn + Delete. A modal window titled Confirm Delete will ask you to choose Cancel or OK.

Branching in IVR Studio

Another important aspect of IVR Studio is branching. Branching refers to a function in which multiple arrows can extend from a single node and thus create alternate pathways. The IVR call flow is then directed along a specific pathway depending on the logic and conditions you configure.
Think of a cat climbing a tree and choosing different branches based on where it wants to go. Similarly, branching in IVR Studio allows you to create multiple pathways to ensure the caller reaches the correct destination. 
Let’s say you want all your incoming callers to select which department they’d like to reach during their interaction with the IVR. To achieve this, you could use IVR Studio to create a series of branching nodes extending from a Get Input node, where each branch would represent a different department. So when a caller inputs a number into their phone, the IVR will direct the caller to the department associated with the number they pressed. 
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