Engage Voice | Assigning a DNIS to an IVR

In order for customers to interact with your IVRs, you’ll need to assign at least one DNIS to each IVR. A DNIS is the phone number people will call to access your IVR, and it provides a way for you to see the number callers are using to reach your contact center. Keep in mind that one IVR can have multiple DNIS assignments.
Please also note that in order to assign a DNIS to your IVR, you must first import that number via the Phone Numbers tray setting under Channels. Visit Importing phone numbers to learn more about the number import process.
Once you’ve imported a number via the Phone Numbers, you can assign that number to an IVR via the DNIS Assignment tab in the IVR configuration panel. 

Assigning a DNIS to an IVR

If you haven’t already assigned a DNIS to your IVR, you’ll find a blank page in the DNIS Assignment configuration page. However, if you click the Show All DNIS button beside the search bar, a table will appear below the Assign DNIS to IVR section with a list of all available numbers on your account.
To assign a DNIS to your IVR, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to IVR > IVR designer via the left-hand navigation bar
2. Select the IVR you’d like to assign the DNIS to
3. Click the DNIS Assignment tab in the configuration panel at far left
4. Select the Show Assigned DNIS button to the right of the search bar
5. Check the box at far left of the DNIS you want to assign
6. Save your changes by clicking the Save button at bottom right

Viewing your DNIS assignment

Once you’ve assigned a DNIS to your IVR, you’ll be able to view that number by clicking the Show Assigned DNIS button beside the search bar. All numbers assigned to that IVR will appear in a table format beneath the search bar, where you’ll see the following information displayed in columns for each DNIS:
  • DNIS: The number your customers call to access the IVR
  • Orig. DNIS: The original external number that is routed to the internal DNIS (if any)
  • Description: The description that was given to the DNIS (if any)
  • Start: The date the DNIS assignment begins
  • End: The date the DNIS assignment ends
  • Front End App: A preexisting custom application (this is a legacy feature. Your CSM will let you know if this applies to your account)
  • Notes: Additional information provided about the DNIS assignment
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