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November 2020 Release Highlights

RingCentral app desktop, Version 20.4.20 (Release date: 11/12/2020)
  • Team events calendar view
    • View, sort and filter through all events in a single place in the view of a calendar by day, week and month.
  • Message data export
    • Allows account admins to request exports of the account’s entire message history, and adds new ability to export the message history of a specific user or team. 
RingCentral app mobile and desktop, Version 20.4.20 (Release date: 11/12/2020)
  • React with emojis
    • Emoji reactions allow the user a broader set of emoji-based options to react to a post on the desktop and mobile apps than just the “like” thumbs up emoji the apps had previously.
  • Improved guest control
    • The account admin can change the account wide guest control settings to control the ability of account users to invite external users as guests or being invited by external users.
  • Text formatting toolbar
    • Users can edit and format team messages to look the way they want by using the rich text editor.
  • Edit and sync user profile
    • Allows users to easily synchronize their updated profile information with all RingCentral apps.
RingCentral Video desktop and web, Version 20.4.20 (Release date: 11/13/2020)
  • Allow expanding desktop presenter view
    • After joining a meeting from the RingCentral desktop app, presenters can expand the minimal floating RCV window when they are screen sharing.
  • Better organization of audio and video settings
    • Separated Audio and Video settings for RCV into separate tabs.
  • Provide instructions to use a virtual camera
    • Provide a link in Video settings to a Knowledge Base article with instructions for how to use a 3rd party virtual camera.
  • Inform the host how to invite participants
    • If the host is the only person in the meeting, show an info banner on how to invite someone.
RingCentral Video desktop and web, Version 20.4.15 (Release date: 11/5/2020)
  • Page through video film strip layout
    • Navigate forward and backward in the top film strip video layout to view videos for all participants.
  • Show self video in gallery 
    • By default you will now see your own video in the video gallery layout. You can also revert to popping your self video out of the gallery into a small floating window.
  • Show / hide video gallery with one click 
    • When viewing screen sharing with video gallery on the right side, you can click an arrow on the slider to open or close the gallery.
  • Recording share dialog improvements 
    • The share recording dialog was updated to make it more intuitive and quicker to share the recording with all meeting participants or other co-workers.
RingCentral Video mobile, Version 20.4.20 (Release date: 11/12/2020)
  • React with emojis 
    • Use emojis to show how you feel about a post.
  • Directed call pickup
    • Teammates can now answer the phone for coworkers that are unavailable if admins have setup the call pickup permissions.
  • Dutch and Korean locale support 
    • New support for Dutch and Korean locales
RingCentral Rooms, Version 20.3.30 (Release date: 11/6/2020)
  • Participant waiting room 
    • Room will honor waiting room setting of the meeting.
  • Managing participants in waiting room 
    • If room is the moderator of a meeting, then Rooms user can admit or deny the participants from the controller. 
    • Rooms user can also admit all waiting participants, and move an admitted participant back to the waiting room. 
Administrative (being released starting in November, by account)
  • Reset a User
    • Account administrators have the ability to reset a former user (extension) settings and assign to a new user in the Admin Portal.
  • Primary Number
    • Users can set a direct number as a their primary number in the Admin Portal.
  • Directed Call Pickup
    • Administrators can set and manage call pickup permissions for multiple users together. Pickup group users can then answer each other’s calls from their own device.
  • Telco Relay Service calling 711
    • Hearing-impaired users are now able to reach state Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) by calling 711 from any endpoint with a US or Canada digital line assigned. A new TTY Softphone has also been added to the RingCentral App Gallery.
  • New phones for purchase
    • - Yealink T57W has been added for US and Canadina sales.
    • - These Unify phone models will be available to all RingCentral customers; CP100, CP200, CP400 +1KEM, CP600+1KEM, CP600+2KEM.
    • - Poly VVX devices will automatically adjust to the daylight saving time and display correct date/time.
Global (being released starting in November, by account)
  • Language localization: Dutch & Korean
    • Dutch & Korean language localization is available for desk phones (Cisco, Polycom, and Yealink), the RingCentral Phone desktop app, RingCentral desktop app, RingCentral mobile app, and for online account settings. 
Version 20.4.3 (Release date: 11/23/2020)
  • 5x New Engage Voice Admin Reports (moving from legacy platform)
  • Homepage updates  
  • Visual notification for call disposition
  • Simplified Login URL
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