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February 2020 Release Highlights

RingCentral App for Mobile
Available mid-January 
  • Android Auto support
    • Ability to receive and reply to RingCentral messages through Android Auto enabled cars.
  • Accessibility support
    • Even better support for those using screen readers, and will also have enhanced accessibility features like high contrast and dynamic font. 
Available mid-February
  • Apple CarPlay support
    • Ability to receive and reply to RingCentral messages through CarPlay enabled cars. Additionally, users can also place and receive calls.  
  • Native voicemail greeting settings
    • Update voicemail greeting settings from within the app, without having to log into the web portal.
  • Faxes send status
    • Users will now see a progress indicator when sending out faxes 
  • File preview in iOS
    • Similar to Android, iOS users can now preview files in their message conversations without downloading.  
Available end of March
  • Express Sign In Link
    • Sign into the RingCentral app through a link, without the need to type a password.
RingCentral App for Desktop
  • Support for international fax
    • International faxes can now be sent using the RingCentral desktop app
RingCentral Meetings Rooms
  • Polycom Trio Room Controller
    • Use a Trio 8500 or 8800 conference room phone as the Meetings Room controller, offering the ability to consolidate room hardware and the associated cables.
platform updates
  • Zendesk
    • We’ve expanded our partnership with Zendesk in this release. Let RingCentral for Zendesk streamline your help desk workflows, boost agent productivity, and improve the quality of interactions you have with your customers.
  • Microsoft Dynamics beta
    • RingCentral for Microsoft Dynamics v2.0 will support official CIF (Channel Integration Framework) provided by Microsoft Dynamics and an improved user experience.
  • Canvas
    • This release will offer the ability to schedule a recurring meeting and see every occurrence of this recurring meeting in the Upcoming meetings list.
  • Microsoft Teams beta
    • This release will allow the ability to start and join RingCentral video and conference meetings from within direct, group, and team chats on MS Teams desktop and web version of MS Teams. 
  • Adoption & usage enhancements
    • The report offers usage data in a searchable, user-level table. Admins can now also download the report to help with any adoption programs they might be running.
  • Live Reports enhancements
    • A ringing status has been added to Queue Monitor and Agents Count widgets under Live Reports. This offers queue supervisors added granularity on each step of a call in a queue.
  • Updated navigation in Admin Portal
    • More streamlined navigation and improved table usability. 
  • Profile phone number display
    • Select what number users will see displayed on their profile, whether it’s a main number with extension or direct number. 
  • Site number as caller ID
    • Customers who have distributed locations will be able to set local site number as the outbound caller ID and apply it to multiple users using Templates. 
  • Consistent number type
    • Number type as shown in the online Admin Portal will be redefined to be consistent with different endpoints.
  • Prevent onboarding notifications
    • Onboard new users without them receiving notifications, if you wish to roll out in phases, or to provide your own onboarding communications. 
  • Presence Templates
    • New presence templates within the admin portal will allow admins to use template functionality to manage their user’s presence.
  • Consolidated fax reporting
    • A call log enhancement will now show a consolidated incoming faxes. Incoming faxes received from the same phone number, within a configurable time frame, will be grouped together as a single record making it easy to see related faxes.
  • IVN calling rates
    • Inbound rates for IVN local and toll-free numbers will be visible to admins in the online Admin Portal. 
  • Local India conference numbers
    • Local India numbers for premium conferencing/meetings available for purchase, instead of toll free numbers, lowering overall costs. 
  • Lowered IVN & PPM rates
    • Lowered IVN prices and price per minutes (PPM) for certain regions. 
  • Global number ordering
    • Self-serve order Global Office and IVN numbers for agent-assisted countries through the online Admin Portal.
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