Configuring your company's RingCentral Webinar settings in the Admin Portal

Last updated on March 15, 2022
Admins can access RingCentral Webinar settings in their RingCentral online account. As an admin, you can configure the Webinar settings for your users who have Webinar licenses. This allows you to ensure the security of all your users’ Webinar sessions by preventing hosts from making any changes to settings that will violate the company's security or compliance policies.
Note: Changes will only apply to webinars created after the changes are made.
  1. Sign in to your RingCentral account
  2. Go to Meetings > RingCentral Video > Webinar Settings.
  3. Under Webinar settings, you can configure these settings:
    • Security
      •   ◦ Require password for all webinars: Toggle the radio button to require a password for all webinars
      •   ◦ Allow only authenticated users to join webinars: Toggle the radio buttons to allow only authenticated users to join webinars. You can choose between signed-in users (users with RingCentral accounts) or only coworkers (users under your RingCentral company account)
    • Audio options: Choose whether panelists can join via computer audio only or computer and phone audio.
    • Webinar room: Toggle the radio button to allow the Q&A feature during webinars and allow anonymous questions.
    • Recording options: Toggle the radio button to allow webinars to be recorded and be recorded automatically.
    • Recording management: Toggle the radio buttons to allow sharing, downloading, or deleting recordings.
Company Webinar settings in RingCentral admin portal
  1. Click the lock icon beside the setting to prevent users from changing the setting when scheduling webinars.
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