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For Admins

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Admin guide for upgrading your RingCentral experience

We are retiring:
  • The RingCentral Classic app
  • The standalone RingCentral Meetings app
  • The RingCentral Phone app
We’re transitioning you to the latest RingCentral app to ensure you don’t lose access to your favorite RingCentral features.
We are also updating your RingCentral meeting services at no additional cost by moving users to RingCentral Video from the older capabilities of RingCentral Meetings, including upgrading users to
  • RingCentral Video Rooms from RingCentral Meetings Rooms
  • RingCentral Room Connector from RingCentral Meetings Room Connector
To quickly and successfully upgrade, admins must complete the required steps on behalf of their users or ensure users complete those steps themselves.
Note: You must have admin rights to your computer to complete these steps. If you don’t, please reach out to your local IT for assistance.

Upgrading to the RingCentral app

1. Add RingCentral Scheduler for Microsoft Outlook

The RingCentral Scheduler add-in offers the ability to include RingCentral Video meeting information quickly and directly in a user’s Outlook meeting invite.
As the company Outlook admin, you can deploy the RingCentral Scheduler and uninstall any existing RingCentral Outlook add-ins or plugins for all your users.
  • To deploy the RingCentral Scheduler from the add-in store, learn more here.
  • If your Outlook Exchange is on-premises and the add-in store is unavailable, learn more here.
If you don’t have Outlook admin capabilities, instruct each user to:
Admin upgrade

2. Uninstall the RingCentral Classic desktop app

The RingCentral Classic app is being replaced with the latest RingCentral app. Instruct your users to uninstall the RingCentral Classic app on their desktop.

3. Uninstall the RingCentral Meetings desktop and mobile apps

The RingCentral app is replacing the standalone RingCentral Meetings desktop and mobile apps. Instruct your users to uninstall the RingCentral Meetings app on their desktop and mobile devices. 

4. Download and install the RingCentral app for desktop and mobile

Installing the RingCentral app for Desktop 

Get started with the RingCentral app

Reference these resources to get the most out of the RingCentral app:

Upgrading RingCentral Meetings to RingCentral Video

If your account is currently using RingCentral Meetings, we will be upgrading your account to RingCentral Video.
Complete the required steps so that users don’t lose scheduled video meetings in this transition.

Before transferring to RingCentral Video

Download cloud meeting recordings

The RingCentral app is replacing the standalone RingCentral Meetings app. To ensure your users save their previously recorded meetings they’d like to keep, instruct them to log into the RingCentral online account and downloading the desired recordings
Note: Once the transition to RingCentral Video is complete, you will not be able to access your cloud meeting recordings

Moving your users’ previously scheduled meetings to RingCentral Video

Downloading and running the Calendar Migration Tool

The Calendar Migration tool lets an administrator update scheduled RingCentral Meetings to RingCentral Video invitations in bulk for all users. 
Access the Calendar Migration Tool:
More information about the Calendar Migration Tool:
Important notes:
  • If the meeting URL text has been changed, the Calendar Migration Tool may not update the meeting invitation.
  • For meeting invitations reported as “failed to update” in the audit log, please inform the meeting owner to manually update the invitation to RingCentral Video. To learn more, visit Rescheduling a RingCentral Meetings invite to a RingCentral Video invite.
  • After your entire account is upgraded to RingCentral Video, the administrator should rerun the RingCentral Calendar Migration Tool to catch any outstanding meetings with RingCentral Meetings dial-in information.

Switching your video service in the RingCentral app

To complete your migration from RingCentral Meetings to RingCentral Video, make sure you are using RingCentral Video as your video service in the RingCentral app.

Resolving known issue in Google Chrome

There is a current issue regarding clicking Launch meeting from a Chrome browser when you’ve previously check the Don’t ask me again promt. You can resolve this issue by clearing cookies and relaunching the meeting.

Getting started with RingCentral Video

Visit these resources to get the most out of RingCentral Video:

Upgrading RingCentral Meetings Room Connector to RingCentral Room Connector

Once your account has been upgraded, you will receive the same number of RingCentral Room Connector licenses as you had with RingCentral Meetings Room Connector.
The RingCentral Room Connector is a backend service that allows third-party SIP-based room meeting hardware (e.g., hardware made by Cisco, Poly, Lifesize, etc.) to connect to a RingCentral Video meeting. To ensure that everything runs smoothly for users, complete the following steps.

1. Verify security settings and network configurations.

It is critical that your systems comply with our network requirements. Learn more.

2. Setup One Touch Dial.

For Polycom customers, you can make it easier for your users to join RingCentral Video meetings by setting up One Touch Dial service.

Video training

RingCentral Video: Joining Video Meetings

Switching Video Meetings Between Mobile and Desktop Apps

RingCentral App: Using the Call to Video Feature

RingCentral Analytics for IT and System Admins

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