Engage Voice | Configuring dial zones

Now that you understand how dial zones work, let’s discuss how you can create custom dial zones, configure their schedules, and assign them to your campaigns and lead lists. 
Before you can create individual dial zones, you must create a custom dial zone group to keep your dial zones organized. Let’s go over the steps necessary for creating a group below.
1. Navigate to Dialing > Advanced Settings > Dial Zones via the left-hand navigation bar
2. Click the Add New Group button at far right to open the Dial Zone Group modal window
3. Select a Group Name for your dial zone group
4. Select a Base Timezone for your dial group
5. Click Save to save your changes and exit the modal window
Let’s define the two settings presented here before we move on:
  • Group Name: The name you wish to apply to your dial zone group
  • Base Timezone: The timezone you wish to use as a base across all zones and their schedules within the group. Options include US/Eastern, US/Central, US/Mountain, and US/Pacific

Managing dial zone groups

After you create a dial zone group, you’ll see it appear in a table that contains some information about your group(s) and a few configuration options. The information includes the name of your group (Group Name) and the group’s base timezone (Base Timezone) that you chose earlier.

Configuration options include Edit and Delete icons that allow you to make changes to and delete your timezone groups, as well as a Configure Zones gear icon that allows you to configure the individual custom dial zones.

Configuring a new custom dial zone

Now let’s discuss how to configure custom dial zones within a group. In the steps below, you’ll learn how to create a new custom dial zone and configure the schedule that the system will use when dialing that zone.
1. Click the Configure Zones gear icon next to the dial zone group you wish to add a custom dial zone to
2. In the Dial Zones section that appears below, click the Add New Zone button at far right to open the Dial Zone modal window
3. Create a Zone Key to identify the custom dial zone 
4. Enter a Zone Description in the provided field
5. Find the day of the week you wish to edit
6. Check the Closed checkbox if you wish to close the schedule for that entire day
7. Alternatively, you can click the Add new period plus icon if you wish to add an open period for that day
8. Choose the beginning of the open time period via the Start Period field
9. Choose the end of the open time period via the End Period field
10. Repeat steps 5-9 as needed for the remaining days of the scheduled week
11. Click Ok to save your changes and exit the modal window
Let’s review the custom dial zone settings mentioned above.
  • Zone Key: A unique alphanumeric string (up to 4 digits) that will identify your custom dial zone. This is the code you’ll use in the column you’ll designate as Lead Timezone (we’ll discuss that in a moment) when you upload your lead list (this is a required field)
  • Zone Description: A field used to describe your custom dial zone (this is a required field)

Managing custom dial zones

The system will display all custom dial zones you create in a table in the Dial Zones section (remember, you can reach this section by clicking the Configure Zones gear icon located beside the group of your choice in the Dial Zone Groups table above).
This table will display some information about your groups as well as a couple of configuration options. You’ll see the Zone Key you chose at far left, and the Description you entered to the right of that. Then you’ll see all the daily schedules you configured for that dial zone.

Click the Edit pencil and paper icon to reopen the Dial Zone schedule editing modal window we reviewed above, where you can make changes to your dial zone’s schedule as needed. Click the Delete x icon to completely delete a dial zone from the system.

Assigning a custom dial zone group to a campaign

Before you begin assigning dial zone keys to leads and uploading those lead lists to a campaign, you must ensure you’ve assigned the proper dial zone group to the campaign you plan to use it with (otherwise you will not be able to map any values during list upload). To do so, take the following steps:
1. Navigate to Dialing > Campaigns
2. Select the campaign you’d like to assign the dial zone group to
3. Scroll down to your campaign’s Dialer Settings section in your campaign’s Configuration page
4. Find the Custom Dial Zone Group setting and use the dropdown menu to select the dial zone group you wish to use for select leads uploaded to this campaign
5. Click the Save button at bottom right to save your changes

Assigning dial zone key(s) to leads

Once you’ve assigned the dial zone group to a campaign, you can now assign those dial zones to the leads you wish to dial according to the schedules set forth on those dial zones. To assign these dial zones to a lead list, follow the steps below.
1. Open your lead list document in your preferred spreadsheet-editing application
2. Add an extra column to your lead list — this column will contain your dial zone key(s) 
3. Add in your zone key(s) to any lead you wish to dial according to the dial zone schedule 
4. Return to the platform and upload your lead list to the campaign you assigned the dial zone group to
5. In the Settings tab of the Upload List modal window, select the Lead Timezone Column from the Timezone dropdown menu
6. In the Preview tab, map the Lead Timezone destination to the column that contains the dial zone key
7. Continue mapping the rest of your lead list
8. When you’re done, click Save to save your changes and close out of the modal window
Please note that if you do not map the column as directed, your dial zone configurations will not work.
Once you’ve assigned your dial zones to the desired leads, your agents can begin dialing leads from that lead list, and the leads designated for the dial zone schedule will be dialed in accordance to the schedule you’ve created. 
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