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As we discussed in Intro to outbound compliance tools, scrubbing is the process of removing numbers from your lead lists based on whether or not the numbers appear on various DNC lists. There are many types of DNC lists –– including internal lists that you create within the platform and external lists that require a third-party subscription.
The DNC Manager allows you to create and edit an internal DNC list that you can use to scrub your outbound phone numbers. For example, you might add a number to your internal DNC list if a customer directly asks your call center not to contact them.
Maintaining an up-to-date internal DNC list is essential if you want your call center to remain compliant. Keep in mind that the DNC Manager is just one of several tools the platform offers to support your outbound compliance strategy. However, it is your responsibility to understand applicable laws and use the tools effectively.

Using DNC Manager

You can access the DNC Manager by navigating to Dialing > DNC. Here, you will see an Outbound DNC Manager section at the top of the page. This is where you can add and delete numbers.
Using the Outbound DNC Manager section, you can add numbers individually by entering them one at a time, or collectively by uploading a list. When you add new numbers, you can also label them with tags. Tags are useful because when you upload a new lead list, you can choose to scrub it against numbers in your DNC list with certain tags. You can also use the DNC Manager to delete numbers you’ve added –– either individually or based on a tag.

Helpful hint!

If you add a lead to your internal DNC list via the DNC Manager, you must also upload that lead to the system via the Loaded Lists configuration panel tab and assign it the appropriate DNC tag. You must also activate internal scrubbing when configuring the campaign compliance tools for the associated campaign. If you do not take all of these actions, the system will not complete scrubbing for that lead.
When you are ready to add or delete numbers in the DNC Manager, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to Dialing > DNC
2. Select an action from the Action field dropdown menu
3. Depending on which action you chose, complete the remaining fields as desired (see below for more info)
4. Click the Add to DNC button or Delete Records button to complete the action and ensure your changes are saved

Outbound DNC Manager properties

When you add or delete numbers in the DNC Manager, you will encounter the fields listed below. Keep in mind the fields will vary depending on which action you are performing.
  • Action: Determines what type of change you are making to the DNC Manager
    • Manual Input: Allows you to enter numbers one at a time
    • Upload DNC File: Allows you to upload a list of numbers
    • Delete by Tag: Allows you to delete numbers based on their associated tag. Keep in mind this is not the only way to delete numbers from the DNC Manager. If you want to delete them individually, you can do so by clicking the blue ‘x’ in the far right-hand column of the Outbound DNC Entries section 
  • Phone (Manual Input only): Where you manually enter a number you are adding to the DNC Manager
  • Choose Files (Upload DNC File only): Allows you to select a list of numbers to upload. Files must be in CSV format and numbers should not contain hyphens or parentheses
  • Reason for removal (Manual Input and Upload DNC File only): Allows you to leave a record indicating why you entered a number or list of numbers into the DNC Manager (optional)
  • Tag: Allows you to associate tags with the number(s) you are adding. Clicking on this field reveals a dropdown menu listing all available tags. You can use the pencil icon to the right of the field to create new tags. When you are deleting numbers from the DNC Manager –– that is, when you have chosen Delete by Tag in the Action field –– this field allows you to choose which number(s) you want to delete based on an associated tag. Keep in mind that the DNC Manager will delete all numbers with the tag you choose
    • Global: The only default tag in the system. Essentially, any number(s) you add to the DNC Manager will receive this tag if you do not use another one that you create. If you are deleting numbers by tag, this will also be the default choice
  • Country: Indicates the country or region associated with a number’s geographical location. If you do not have international calling activated in your account, North America Domestic will be the only option

Outbound DNC Entries columns

The Outbound DNC Entries section contains a table that allows you to view, filter, and even delete numbers you’ve added to the DNC Manager. 
When you navigate to the DNC Manager, the table in this section automatically lists all the numbers that are already in your internal DNC list. Each column in the table provides information about each number. If you only want to see certain numbers based on specific criteria, then you can use the filtering options at the top of some of the columns. You can also use this table to delete numbers individually.

See below for a description of each of the columns in the Outbound DNC Entries section.
  • Phone: The phone numbers themselves. You can use the search field at the top of this column to filter your list
  • Added by: The person who added a number to the DNC Manager
  • Added on: A date indicating when a number was added to the DNC Manager. You can use the fields at the top of this column to filter based on a range of dates
  • Reason: Information that was entered into the Reason for removal field when the number was originally added to the DNC Manager
  • Tag: The tag assigned to a number. You can use the dropdown menu at the top of the column to filter your list based on available tags
  • Country: The country or region associated with a number’s geographical location. You can use the field at the top of the column to filter your numbers based on the associated country or region
  • Delete: Allows you to delete numbers individually by clicking the blue ‘x’ 
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