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Agent notes are used by agents to document important information on a call or chat with a lead or customer. Agent notes can be helpful to keep track of each call or chat and understand the purpose of a call or chat. They can also be used to mark the outcome of a call or chat in order to review later. 
Let’s say, for example, if a customer calls with a problem they’re experiencing with their product, it may be helpful for the agent to document the problem the customer is having so if they call again, the next agent that takes their call will be able to see the notes made by the previous agent.
For outbound calls, previous agent notes can give you a background or history of a particular lead. Previewing the lead history can be helpful for marketing and callback purposes. In scheduling a callback with a customer, notes are important so you can gather helpful information before you get back to them. 
Administrators have control over enabling or disabling input fields for notes in the agent interface. Please note that there may be instances when call notes are disabled by the administrator and may not be available for the agent. 

Taking agent notes

Now let’s talk about the different ways an agent can take notes. An agent can take notes in three different locations, depending on if they’re in a call or chat, and how their administrators have configured their permissions. Agents can take notes via the dialpad, a disposition, or a script. 
Let’s review each of these options below. 

Taking notes via the dialpad

One way an agent can take notes is via the dialpad on the left-hand side of the screen. You’ll see an input field for notes below the dialpad. Agents can take notes here at any time while they’re on a call or before they’re ready to select a disposition.  
View of notes under the dial pad

Taking notes via the disposition

Another way that an agent can take notes is via the disposition option. Agent dispositions are labels that describe the outcome of a call or chat, and agents can use them to record information about the calls/chats they’ve been making (and taking). 
An agent can submit a disposition in three different ways: via the Disposition button located beneath the dial pad, via the modal window that appears when they end a call or chat, or via a disposition field inserted into a script.
When an agent is ready to submit a disposition, they can enter any relevant notes about the call or chat via the notes field above the disposition dropdown menu. Please note: If you’ve typed in notes via the notes section under the dial pad, it will automatically transfer to the agent disposition notes field. 
View of notes in the disposition modal window
To learn more about dispositions, read Dispositioning a call.

Taking notes via a script

While engaged in a call or chat, agents can also take down notes via a script. A script is a prompt that guides agents when talking to a lead or customer. There are elements embedded within the script that help the agent control the flow of the conversation. 
Some scripts have input fields that allow the agent to take down customer information, which may include their name, location, or even products they’re interested in. Some scripts may also have a feedback text field that allows the agent to make notes on areas for improvement.
As we discussed in the previous section, scripts can also have disposition fields. Here, you can use the notes section to document the outcome of a call. 
View of notes in a script

Accessing agent notes

Notes can be stored in the system so that information for a particular contact is easily accessible for agents, supervisors, and administrators. Let’s discuss how each of these users can access agent notes once they’ve been submitted. 

Agents accessing agent notes

Agents can access archived agent notes for a customer or lead. The agent can access notes documented for a particular contact while they’re on a call or when they’re viewing a lead’s information. An agent can access a contact’s notes via the Details section under Lead History to find out about previous interactions with a contact. 
Here, agents can find the notes in the Agent Notes section, where they can read the call history of that contact.
View of notes in Lead history

Supervisors accessing agent notes

A supervisor can access agent notes the same way an agent can via the lead history of a contact. In case a callback is needed or if a call is escalated, the supervisor can preview that lead by reading through the agent notes. By reading through the information written by the agent, the supervisor might be able to understand a customer’s concerns and address them.

Admins accessing agent notes

For administrators, agent notes are helpful for reporting and analytics purposes. Administrators have the capability of generating reports in order to get information on specific agent and call/chat activities. This is a useful feature to get information on specific activities like tracking the metrics of agents, chats, and calls. 
Administrators are able to access notes via the following reports:
  • Global Call Type Detail Report
  • Inbound Call Detail Download
  • Dialer Result Download (under Outbound Reports and Realtime Reports)
To learn more about these reports, read Intro to Report Downloads.
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