Engage Voice | Understanding chat agent states

Chat states are status notifiers that can inform an administrator or supervisor what an agent is doing, such as when they’re engaged in a chat. Agent states are found in the top right corner of your screen, which tells the agent their availability and how long they’ve been on a call. 

Chat agent states can either be selected by the agent or automatically triggered by the system. Agent states that the agent can select are the same for both chat and calls, so if you’d like to learn more, visit Managing agent states.
System-triggered agent states, on the other hand, can differ between chat and call. System-triggered agent states are selected by the system when an agent cannot set their state, such as when they’re engaged in a chat.

Possible chat states

  • Chat Engaged: A state that indicates you have received and accepted an incoming chat.
  • Chat RNA: A Ring-No-Answer state indicates you have failed to accept an incoming chat within the configured time frame. The system will not send another call or chat to you until you’ve set your agent state back to Available.
  • Chat Presented: A state that indicates you have received a new chat but not accepted yet.
  • Chat Available: A state that indicates you have logged into a chat queue and are ready to accept an incoming chat.
  • Monitoring Chat: If you’re a supervisor, this state indicates that you have begun to monitor an agent’s chat(s).
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