Engage Voice | Overview of scripts in Agent

Agent scripts can be used as a prompt to move smoothly through an interaction with leads and customers. Scripts let you know what to say and when to say it; they can guide the conversation in exactly the direction that has been provided for you. 
Admins create and configure scripts for agents and supervisors. Scripts can be as simple as a piece of text on a page agents can repeat to customers verbatim, or as complex as a few pages containing settings and fields to record data, start and stop call recording, and give access to a knowledge base.

Components of an agent script

Different scripts may be assigned to you by admins depending on the type of calls or chat you are going to make. 
For example, a basic inbound queue that aims to collect information for customer feedback may contain a greeting text, an input field for the customer’s name, another input field for the customer’s feedback, a farewell text to read out, and a disposition form after the call ends. 
Agent scripts also include components that are called elements, which consist of different buttons and fields you can interact with in a script.
On the other hand, a bigger company that performs outbound calls may have variations of this that contain different elements like an embedded website or a knowledge base. Radio button selections may also have conditions that can take you to different pages. For example, selecting one button might take you to a page which allows you to record the call, while selecting another button might take you directly to the last page with a disposition form.
A script may also contain images. These images can be static or in GIF format and may be used for reference.

Accessing agent scripts

There are two ways you can access a script. One is during a call or chat (via the Script tab option in the right-hand panel). The associated script will automatically appear on the screen at the start of the call or chat for you to view and interact with, and any information shared, recorded, or reported on during this interaction may be automatically saved.
Script in agent's view during a call
Another way you can access scripts is via the Scripts left-hand navigation option in the agent interface. When you're not on a call or chat, you can always refer back to this tab to view and ‘study’ any scripts available. 
Scripts tab in agent's view
A list of all the scripts available to you will display in the left-hand panel, and the script itself will display in the right-hand panel. Just bear in mind that these scripts are for study purposes only and will not collect or save information unless you’re on an active call or a live chat.
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