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As discussed in Dispositions overview, dispositions are labels used to document, track, and report on the outcomes of calls and chats.
When you select the Disposition call control, this means that you’re ready to mark the outcome of the call. For example, let’s say you had a call that ended in a successful sale. You might choose to disposition this call as a successful sale and describe the interaction of the call in the disposition notes field. 
The disposition options available to you will be assigned by an admin, and the names given to these dispositions should help you mark the outcome of a call. Once the disposition is submitted, you can move on to the next step of your call flow.

Dispositioning a call

To disposition a call, follow these steps:
1. While on a call, select the Disposition pencil and paper icon to open the Disposition modal window.
2. Enter your notes for the call in the Notes field.
3. Select the label from the dropdown menu under Disposition.
4. Select the Submit button to finish submitting your disposition.
View of disposition window and script disposition
Suppose you close the Disposition modal window or navigate to another section in the interface. In that case, a gray notification bar will appear at the top of the interface to indicate that you have a pending disposition. You can click the View disposition link in the gray bar to open the Disposition modal window.

If a disposition is not submitted within the allotted time and the Disposition modal window is closed, an orange bar will appear at the top of the interface to indicate that you are over the time allotted to submit a disposition. Click on the View disposition link in the orange bar to open the Disposition modal window. The gray or orange notification bar will disappear after a disposition is submitted.

If a disposition is integrated in the script, it won’t appear in a modal window but will be integrated in the script as inputs. You won’t be able to submit the disposition until you have filled out the required input fields in the script which may or may not include a disposition input. 
While on the call, there is also a notes field under the dial pad. If you are entering your notes there, these would show up in the modal window when you click on the disposition icon. Depending on your admin’s configuration, submitting a disposition may trigger another action such as sending a follow-up email. 
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