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Moving a phone number to RingCentral? This guide has everything you need to know to ensure your number transfer goes smoothly.

If you are porting in to RingCentral

We can port most toll-free, wireless, and landline phone numbers in the United States and Canada and some other countries.
For the transfer of 100 or more numbers to RingCentral from the same carrier, let us know here as we do project-based porting. You can also port your prepaid cell phone number. All you need is your wireless account number and PIN. If you don't have this information, please ask your current cell carrier. 
The cost of negotiating the transfer of your number from your existing phone carrier is shouldered by RingCentral.


Porting can take up to 30+ business days.
  • Wireless numbers - 5 business days
  • Landlines from major carriers - 7 business days
  • From smaller carriers - 10 to 15 days
To avoid delaying the process, it’s best to initiate the port before you cancel your account with your current provider. You will need to cancel your previous service after your number has been transferred. Transferring your phone number may cause your carrier to automatically cancel. Check with your current carrier.

How it works

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1. Verifying
The information needed to port your number will be collected during order creation. This includes the number you are porting (the account number is often different from your wireless phone number), your account number and PIN#/Passcode (when porting a wireless number), your physical address (no PO boxes), wireless account number and PIN (for wireless numbers)
Some carriers will require a copy of your recent phone bill, or other verification information. If this happens, we'll work with you to provide that information to the carrier and complete the porting process. Once we verify your order, we'll work with your existing carrier to port your number as quickly as possible.
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Unsure about your account information?
If you are unsure of the account information stated above, contact your current service provider. You can also check out Requirements for Number Transfer.
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2. Porting
Your existing service will work normally during the porting process as long as you do not make any account changes. You will be able to cancel your service with your current provider at that time. We’ll keep you updated throughout the porting process, and we’ll let you know once we have agreed on a firm porting date with your current carrier! Once your number has transferred to RingCentral, your old service will no longer function.
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3. Checking the status of your current number transfer
After completing your request online, you can see the status of your request in the Company Numbers and Info page of your online account, below Pending Numbers. Click Transfer Order and you will see the Order Details on the screen. For complete details, check Number Porting - Check Status of your Number Transfer Request.
If information mismatch occurs, it will be shown on the Order Details section. Instruction on the issue and how to correct it will be available in this section. For more information, check these Helpful Number Porting FAQs.
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4. Success!
Once your number is transferred, RingCentral will notify you through email after release date from your provider. Number(s) will be activated at 8am PST Monday to Friday. Read more about Helpful Number Porting FAQs here.

Porting Videos

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Additional Resources

Need help?

The number transfer department can be reached via email at ntd.helpdesk@ringcentral.com.
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