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You can add business hours to specify the opening hours of your business, mainly for analytics purposes. Business hours allow you to measure case times only during the service's operating hours. If an automated message is configured to be sent outside business hours for one or several channels, the message is sent when a customer message is received outside the business hours that you specify. 
You can add multiple business hours and modify and delete those additional business hours settings, but you can only modify the default business hours settings
Note that outside of business hours, an agent’s interactions remain waiting at the last step where they were until your service reopens.

Setting business hours and holidays

1. Navigate to Settings > Business hours via the left-hand navigation bar.  
2. Click the Add button in the top right corner.
3. Enter a Label for the business hours settings.
4. Leave the Active box checked to enable these business hours.
5. Specify the Channels these hours apply to, or leave the default to apply the hours to all channels.
6. Select the Timezone for the agents that work with these business hours.
7. Select days and times for each day.
8. Specify holidays by selecting a country or by specifying holidays manually: 

a. Select a country in the pre-fill dropdown list.

b. Enter holidays manually by adding name, date, and clicking the Add button.

9. Click Save.
Note: You can add closing periods during the day (for a shift, for example). Click on the Add
button next to the day to make an extra field appear. By default, all channels are selected if you leave the field empty. You can select channels to limit the provided business hours or you can provide different business hours depending on the channels by clicking the Add button in the top right corner.

Configuring business hours and holiday settings

  • Label: Specifies a name for your business hours settings.
  • Channels: Applies these settings only to certain channels.
  • Timezone: Specifies the time zone that applies to these business hours.
  • Active: Makes these business hours active.
  • Prefill: Prefills holidays based on your country.
  • Name:  Manually specifies a holiday name.
  • Date: Manually specifies a holiday date.
You can also use the add or remove controls in the Business hours section to specify the from and to hours for a working day. In the Holidays section, you can use these controls to manually add or remove holidays.
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