Engage Digital | Updating agent profiles

The agent’s profile contains all the information associated with the agent such as personal information and the categories of messages the agent can handle. You can edit the agent’s profile and settings. 
1. Navigate to Users > Agents in the left-hand navigation bar.
2. Locate or search for the agent.
3. Hover over the agent and click the Edit or the pencil icon that appears at far right.
4. Configure the profile settings as needed.
5. Click Save.

Agent profile settings

The settings in the agent profile configuration page are organized into these sections:
  • Personal infos: The information associated with the agent, such as name and email address.
  • Settings: The role, agent capability, timezone, and interface language of the agent.
  • Skills: The known languages, teams, and categories assigned to the agent.
  • Signatures: Automatic signatures of the agent that are configured per channel.
To learn how to assign agents to teams, read Creating an agent.
To create the categories that are assigned to agents, see Creating categories.

Personal infos

The Personal infos section lets you specify identifiable personal information for an agent.
  • Active: Indicates whether the agent is enabled in the system.
  • Nickname: Specifies a nickname that you may use in an automatic signature.
  • Gender: Specifies the gender of the agent.
  • Email: Specifies the email address, which the agent will use to log in. This must be a valid email address so the agents can receive an invitation to the platform.
  • External ID: Specifies an external ID associated with the agent.
  • JWT External ID: Specifies the JWT token string associated with the agent.


The Settings section lets you specify the agent role and interface settings.
  • Role: Specifies a role assigned to the agent.
  • Agent Capability: Sets the maximum number of interactions an agent can handle.
  • Timezone: Specifies the time zone where the agent works.
  • Interface Language: Specifies the agent’s interface language in the platform.


The Skills section lets you specify agent skills including languages, teams, and categories.
  • Known languages: Specifies the agent’s known languages. This setting appears only when the following setting is enabled for the account: Settings > Account settings > Activate multi language support for messages, and the available languages specified along with that setting.
  • Teams: Specifies the teams to which the agent belongs.
  • Categories: Specifies the categories to which the agent belongs.


Signatures allow you to specify message signatures that agents use with replies for certain channels. A message signature allows an agent to share important business information, such as your business's contact information, without typing the same information after every message.
You can create multiple signatures, and use different signatures for the channels that you specify. Use the plus icon to configure more signatures, and the minus icon to remove old signatures.
  • Channels: Specifies the channels for the agent’s signature.
  • Language: Specifies the language for the signature for a channel.
  • Message: Specifies a message for the signature for a channel.
  • Show available variables: Use this field to display the variables you can use within a signature.
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