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Release Notes > Highlights > November 2021
Release Notes

November 2021 Release Highlights

Ringcentral app
  • RingCentral Desktop and Web App, Version 21.4.15 (Release Date: Earlier November)
  • Bug fix only
  • RingCentral Desktop and Web App, Version 21.4.20 (Release Date: 11/19/2021)
  • Share meeting recordings (RingCentral Video)
  • Personal meeting name (RingCentral Video)
  • Schedule with Outlook on the web
  • Schedule with alternative host (RingCentral Meetings)
  • Manage meetings as a delegate (RingCentral Meetings)
  • Company call routing and voicemail
  • After hours and voicemail settings
  • Port numbers
  • Resource center improvements
  • RingCentral Mobile App, Version 21.4.20 (Release Date: 11/19/2021)
  • Raise hand (RingCentral Video)
  • Navigation redesign
  • View participant profile (RingCentral Video)
  • Join a meeting from a Room (RingCentral Video)
  • Personal meeting name (RingCentral Video)
  • Schedule with alternative host (RingCentral Meetings)
  • Pause automatic call recordings
  • Android 12 support
  • Ecotel partner access
  • Eastlink partner access
  • RingCentral Video for Telus
  • BT Global Office support
  • RingCentral Video, Version 21.4.20 (Release: Early November)
  • Automatically follow me
  • Improve my video in low light
  • Improve my appearance with the virtual background
  • Touch up my skin
  • Raise hand
  • Share high FPS video to the meeting
  • Full localization - default names for PMI meetings
  • Live transcript improvements (Open Customer Beta)
  • RingCentral Rooms on Poly, Version 21.4.20 (Release: 11/16/2021)
  • Phone as controller available for all partners
  • Handoff meeting from mobile to Rooms
  • Dial into 3rd party meetings via Softphone
  • Proximity sharing available for Telus & BT
  • Audio and video settings on SW
    • mic level and speaker volume
    • setting default microphone and speaker
    • automatic camera framing (if rooms support it)
  • Room settings are synced between Rooms controller and ServiceWeb
  • RingCentral Rooms for Windows, Version 21.4.20 (Release: 11/16/2021)
  • Personal phone as Rooms controller 
    • Start instant meeting in a room
    • Join meeting from a room
    • Control audio and video of meeting in the room
    • Leave meeting from the room
  • Swap Monitors
  • Dynamic TV Background
  • Dim Rooms app screen when idle
  • Audio and video settings on SW
    • software audio processing
    • mic level and speaker volume
    • default microphone and speaker
  • MVP Core, Version 21.4 (Release: November 2 through December 21)
  • Custom rules redesign
  • License type upgrade and downgrade
  • Device selection improvements
Call Handling
  • Call handling and forwarding - user
  • Bridged call appearance, delegated line
  • New direct sale countries; Germany, Austria
Phone models added
 US, Canada, & UK only
  • Yealink T43U, T46U, &T48U ordering
  • Yealink T53W & T54W ordering
  • Poly Trio C60 conference phone ordering
  • Poly D230 DECT cordless assisted provisioning
  • Yealink T31P assisted provisioning
EMEA & Australia only
  • Poly Trio 8300 ordering
All geographic areas
  • Poly Trio 8300 ordering for Global MVP
  • Yealink feature "preview on my phones"
  • Analytics, Version 21.4.10 (Release: Mid-November)
Engage Digital
  • Engage Digital, Version 21.4.4 (Release: 11/17/2021)
  • Agent User Interface: Compose Email window changes
  • Engage Messaging: Webview Support on iOS
  • Agent Assist in Engage Digital 
  • Engage Voice, Version 21.4.2 (Release: mid-November)
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