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Release Notes > Highlights > September 2020
Release Notes

September 2020 Release Highlights

RingCentral app desktop, Version 20.3.30 (Release date: 9/8/2020)
  • Instant Screen Share (RingCentral Video)
    • Share your screen instantly from any 1:1, group or team conversation.
  • Multiple call handling
    • Make, receive, and manage multiple calls at the same time.
  • Inline code formatting
    • Format code by simply using back quotes like this `var a=1`
  • Click-to-dial
    • Set RingCentral as the default app to automatically launch when clicking on any telephone number.
  • Reject call button for incoming calls
    • "Reject call" now replaces the "To voicemail" button for incoming calls in a call queue.
  • Files and Notes Tab
    • View, sort and filter through all files and notes in a single place.
RingCentral app mobile, Version 20.3.35 (Release date: 9/22/2020)
  • Support for iOS14
RingCentral app mobile, Version 20.3.30 (Release date: 9/8/2020)
  • New in-meeting layouts (RingCentral Video)
    • Improved meeting experience with active speaker and filmstrip video gallery layouts.
  • Call Park indicator
    • Easily pick up parked calls by tapping the banner.
  • Improved app settings
    • Settings are reorganized for easier access.
  • Improved file sharing
    • Preview file and add to text before sending it in your conversations.
RingCentral Video, Version 20.3.35 (Release date: 9/30/2020)
  • New video layouts
  • Active speaker - focus on who is speaking.
  • Filmstrip - show video tiles on top.
  • Call me/Invite by Phone recipients prompted before joining audio
    • If recipient is unavailable, prevents voice mail greeting from joining the meeting and recording audio.
  • Show participants who ended the meeting
    • When a host or moderator ends the meeting, identify who was responsible
RingCentral Video, Version 20.3.30 (Release date: 9/10/2020)
  • Invite button added to toolbar
    • To make this important feature more discoverable.
  • The host has started the meeting' announcement
    • Audible notification is made when 'Participants can only join after me' is enabled after the host starts the meeting and participants are automatically admitted.a
RingCentral Video, Version 20.3.25 (Release date: 9/3/2020)
  • Toolbar redesign
    • We’ve added labels to all buttons to make the features more discoverable. 
  • User Rating Improvements
    • Participants can specify problem categories and dismiss the dialog for 24 hours.
  • "Allow participants to join before me" setting change
    • Setting renamed to "Participants can only join after me" and checkbox updated.  All security options are now more secure when checked.
  • Guest Signup
    • To encourage user growth, guest users will be encouraged to sign up for a free meetings account.
RingCentral Rooms, Version 20.3.30 Mac (Release date: 9/28/2020)
  • Invite participants via phone
    • Rooms users can now invite participants to their video meetings via phone call.
  • Switch camera in a meeting
    • If a Room is connected to multiple cameras, users in room can switch to other available cameras during a meeting.
  • Pan, tilt, zoom in & out the camera during a meeting 
    • If a Rooms camera supports PTZ, users in room can now pan, tilt, and zoom in & out the camera during a meeting. 
  • Rooms in waiting room
  • Room will honor the waiting room setting of the meeting.
  • If Room joins the meeting before host, it will automatically become a moderator, and hence not wait in Waiting Room.
  • If room is the moderator of a meeting, then Rooms user can admit or deny the participants from the controller. 
  • Rooms user can also admit all waiting participants, and move a participant back to the waiting room
  • Private meeting support
  • Room will mask private information of meetings.
  • Meeting name and host name will be masked for meetings marked private when scheduled.
RingCentral Meetings Outlook Add-in, Version 20.3.1 (Release date: 9/14)
  • Users will see admin settings that apply to users across the entire account, such as enforced meetings passwords.
  • Users scheduling a meeting will now have invitation text following what is set in the Global Dial-in Countries/Regions settings in the Admin Portal.
  • Users will experience a consistent look & feel compared to other RingCentral products.
Platform Integrations
RingCentral for Salesforce, Version 6.9.0 (Release date: 9/30/2020)
  • Start an RingCentral Video meeting from the Salesforce Global Action and log it to the Salesforce Event record.
  • Schedule an RingCentral Video meeting from the Salesforce Global Action and log it to the Salesforce Event record.
RingCentral for Microsoft, Version 4.1.18 (Release date: 9/24/2020)
  • Use the RingCentral App as a calling endpoint
RingCentral for Firefox, Version 1.2.17 (Release date: 9/23/2020)
  • Use the RingCentral App as a calling endpoint
RingCentral for Firefox, Version 1.2.17 (Release date: 9/23/2020)
  • Users Contact details page now includes a field for Site
  • Extension number is now displayed with site codes enabled
  • Find a contact with the short extension number
  • Dial a short extension number
RingCentral Office
Version 20.3.0 (Release date range: 8/3 through 9/11 with POD upgrades)
  • Phone: Cisco 6821 phone model is available for purchase and assisted provisioning
  • Phones: Unify CP205, CP400, CP600 phones models are available for purchase and assisted provisioning
Version 20.3.2 (Release date range: 8/25 through 9/24 with POD upgrades)
  • Adoption & Usage analytics: Enhancements to the user table.
  • Ability to select columns
  • List of endpoints and versions for each user
  • Identifying deleted users with a tooltip.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) analytics: Enhancements for RingCentral Video QoS
  • Addition of Network Quality indicator (NQI) to the timeline view
  • Displaying all IPs, ISPs, locations, and network types under network deta
  • Masking guest participants’ information for privacy.
  • Phone: Cisco 8851 phone model is available for purchase and assisted provisioning
Engage Voice, Version 20.3.3 (Release date: 9/9)
  • Calling an Expert on RC Office (requires RC Office Account)
  • HCI Fetch Usability Improvements
  • 3 new Billing Reports
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